WRDA 1999 Implementation Guidance

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101 Project Authorizations  (Provisions Only)
101(a)(6) American River Watershed, CA
102 Small Flood Control Projects
103 Small Bank Stabilization Projects
104 Small Navigation Projects
105 Small Projects for Improvement of the Quality of the Environment
106 Small Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Projects
201 Small Flood Control Authority
202 Use of N-F Funds for Info on Floods & Fld Damages
203 Contributions by States & Political Subdivisions  (Provision Only)
204 Sediment Decontamination Technology  (Provision Only)
205 Control of Aquatic Plant Growth  (Provision Only)
206 Use of Continuing Contracts Required for Construction of Certain Projects  (Provision Only)
207 Water Resources Development Studies for the Pacific Region
208 Everglades & South Florida Ecosystem Restoration  (Provision Only)
209 Beneficial Uses of Dredged Material  (Provision Only)
210 Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration  (Provision Only)
211 Watershed Management, Restoration, and Development  (Provision Only)
212 Flood Mitigation & Riverine Ecosystem Restoration Program  (Provision Only)
213 Shore Management Program  (Provision Only)
214 Shore Damage Prevention or Mitigation
215 Shore Protection
216 Flood Prevention Coordination
217 Disposal of Dredged Material on Beaches
218 Annual Passes for Recreation
219 Non-Structural Flood Control Projects
220 Lakes Program  (Provision Only)
221 Enhancement of Fish and Wildlife Resources  (Provision Only)
222 Purchase of American-made equipment and products.
223 Construction of FC Projs by Non-Fed Interests  (Provision Only)
224 Environmental Dredging
225 Recreation User Fees
226 Small Storm Dam Reduc Projs
227 Use of Private Enterprises  (Provision Only)
302 Ouzinkie Harbor, AK
310 Brevard County, FL  (Provision Only)
321 Saint Joseph River, South Bend, IN
322 White River, IN
332 Bois Brule Drainage & Levee Dist, MO
349 Nine Mile Run Habitat Restor, PA
358 River, Chesapeake, VA
362 Moorefield, WV  (Provision Only)
366 American & Sacramento Rivers, CA  (Provision Only)
375 Waurika Lake, OK, Water Conveyance Facilities
401 Deep Draft Harbor Cost Sharing  (Provision Only)
501 b Thornton Reservoir, Cook Co, IL
503 Contaminated Sediment Dredging Technology  (Provision Only)
504 Dam Safety
505 Great Lakes Remedial Action Plans (Cost Sharing)  (Provision Only)
506 Proj for Improv of the Envir (Cntrl Sea Lamprey)
509 Upper Mississippi River Envir Mgmt Prog
511 Water Control Management
512 Beneficial Use of Dredged Material
514 Missouri & Middle Mississippi Rivers Enhancement Project
515 Irrigation Diversion Protection & Fisheries Enhancement Assistance
516 Innovative Technologies for Watershed Restoration
519 Levees in Elba & Geneva, AL
525 Rush Creek, Novato, CA
532 Southern & Eastern Kentucky
543 Floodplain Mapping, NY
554 Aguadilla Harbor, PR
558 Mississippi River Commission
559 Coastal Aquatic Habitat Management
560 Abandoned & Inactive Noncoal Mine Restoration  (Provision Only) 
561 Beneficial Use of Waste Tire Rubber
563 Land Conveyances
564 McNary Pool, WA
565 Namings
566 Folsom Dam & Reservoir Additional Storage & Additional Flood Control Studies
567 Wallops Island, VA
571 Central West Virginia (Provision Only)
573 Onondaga Lake
574 East Lynn Lake, WV
585 San Jacinto Disposal Area, Galveston, TX
589 Numana Dam Fish Passage, NV
592 Mississippi Environmental Infrastructure & Resource Protection and Development Program
595 Rural Nevada and Montana  (Provision Only)