Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) 2022

The Water Resources Development Act of 2022 is comprehensive legislation that was signed into law as the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) of 2022, a subset (Division H) of the James M. Inhofe National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2023, was signed into law by President Biden on December 23, 2022. 

WRDA addresses water infrastructure needs critical for the Nation’s economic competitiveness and domestic security.  WRDA is strictly authorizing legislation.  The funding to implement authorized studies, projects, and activities is provided separately through the annual appropriations budgetary process.

The Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Civil Works) (ASA(CW)) and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) will be developing written guidance for 10 sections of WRDA 2022. The ASA(CW) encourages all stakeholders with questions regarding any provision of WRDA 2022 to contact a local USACE office, HQ USACE or the ASA(CW) office.  The Sections are:

  1. Section 8102. Emergency response to natural disasters.
  2. Section 8106. Scope of feasibility studies.
  3. Section 8108. Managed aquifer recharge study and working group.
  4. Section 8114. Cost sharing provisions for the territories and Indian Tribes.
  5. Section 8149. Use of other Federal funds.
  6. Section 8151. Materials, services, and funds for repair, restoration, or rehabilitation for certain public recreation facilities.
  7. Section 8154. Temporary relocation assistance pilot program.
  8. Section 8155. Continuation of construction. 
  9. Section 8156. Federal interest determination.
  10. Section 8160. Civil works research and development. 

Points of Contact

For more information, please contact Ms. Amy Frantz, 202-761-0106 or amy.k.frantz@usace.army.mil.

WRDA 2022 Implementation Guidance

8101 Federal breakwaters and jetties.      
8102 Emergency response to natural disasters.  

Implementation Guidance for Section 8102 of the Water Resources Development Act of 2022, Emergency Response to Natural Disasters

8103 Shoreline and riverbank protection and restoration mission.      
8104 Floodplain management services.      
8105 Public recreational amenities in ecosystem restoration projects.      
8106 Scope of feasibility studies.  

Implementation Guidance for Section 8106(a) of the Water Resources Development Act of 2022, Scope of Feasibility Studies

Implementation Guidance for Section 8106(b) of the Water Resources Development Act of 2022, Scope of Feasibility Studies

8107 Water supply conservation.      
8108 Managed aquifer recharge study and working group.      
8109 Updates to certain water control manuals.      
8110 National coastal mapping study.      
8111 Tribal partnership program.      
8112 Tribal Liaison.      
8113 Tribal assistance.      
8114 Cost sharing provisions for the territories and Indian Tribes.

Amends Section 1156 of WRDA 1986 (33 U.S.C. 2310) (Section link not available), which was previously amended by Section 1032 of WRRDA 2014

Implementation Guidance for Section 8114 of the Water Resources Development Act of 2022, Cost Sharing Provisions for the Territories and Indian Tribes

8115 Tribal and Economically Disadvantaged Communities Advisory Committee.      
8116  Workforce planning.      
8117 Corps of Engineers support for underserved communities; outreach.      
8118 Pilot programs for certain communities.      
8119 Technical assistance.      
8120 Technical assistance for levee inspections.      
8121 Assessment of Corps of Engineers levees.      
8122 National low-head dam inventory.      
8123 Expediting hydropower at Corps of Engineers facilities.      
8124 Reserve component training at water resources development projects      
8125 Payment of pay and allowances of certain officers from appropriation for improvements.      
8126 Maintenance dredging permits.      
8127 Environmental dredging.      
8128 Assessment of regional confined aquatic disposal facilities.      
8129 Studies for periodic nourishment.      
8130 Beneficial use of dredged material; management plans.      
8131 Criteria for funding operation and maintenance of small, remote, and subsistence harbors.      
8132 Additional projects for underserved community harbors.      
8133 Inland waterways regional dredge pilot program.      
8134 NEPA reporting.      
8135 Funding to process permits.      
8136 Lease durations.      
8137 Reforestation.      
8138 Emergency streambank and shoreline protection.      
8139 Lease deviations.      
8140 Policy and technical standards.      
8141 Corps records relating to harmful algal blooms in Lake Okeechobee, Florida.      
8142 Forecasting models for the Great Lakes.      
8143 Monitoring and assessment program for saline lakes in the Great Basin.      
8144 Chattahoochee River program.      
8145 Lower Mississippi River Basin demonstration program.      
8146 Washington Aqueduct.      
8147 Water infrastructure public-private partnership pilot program.      
8148 Advance payment in lieu of reimbursement for certain Federal costs.      
8149 Use of other Federal funds.      
8150 Non-Federal Interest Advisory Committee.      
8151 Materials, services, and funds for repair, restoration, or rehabilitation for certain public recreation facilities.      
8152 Rehabilitation of pump stations.      
8153 Report to Congress on Corps of Engineers reservoirs.      
8154 Temporary relocation assistance pilot program.   Implementation Guidance for Section 8154 of the Water Resources Development Act of 2022, Temporary Relocation Assistance Pilot Program  
8155 Continuation of construction.   Implementation Guidance for Section 8155 of the Water Resources Development Act of 2022, Continuation of Construction  
8156 Federal interest determination.      
8157 Inland waterway projects.      
8158 Corps of Engineers Western Water Cooperative Committee.      
8159 Support of Army civil works missions.      
8160 Civil works research and development.      
8161 Sense of Congress on operations and maintenance of recreation sites.      
8162 Sense of Congress relating to post-disaster repairs.      
8201 Authorization of proposed feasibility studies.      
8202 Expedited completion.      
8203 Expedited modifications of e1isting feasibility studies.      
8204 Corps of Engineers reservoir sedimentation assessment.      
8205 Report and recommendations on dredge capacity.      
8206 Assessment of impacts from changing operation and maintenance responsibilities.      
8207 Maintenance dredging data.      
8208 Western infrastructure study.      
8209 Recreation and economic development at Corps facilities in Appalachia.      
8210 Ouachita River watershed, Arkansas and Louisiana.      
8211 Report on Santa Barbara streams, Lower Mission Creek, California.      
8212 Disposition study on Salinas Dam and Reservoir, California.      
8213 Excess lands report for Whittier Narrows Dam, California.      
8214 Comprehensive central and southern Florida study.      
8215 Northern estuaries ecosystem restoration, Florida.      
8216 Study on shellfish habitat and seagrass, Florida Central Gulf Coast.      
8217 Report on South Florida ecosystem restoration plan implementation.      
8218 Great Lakes recreational boating.      
8219 Hydraulic evaluation of Upper Mississippi River and Illinois River.      
8220 Disposition study on hydropower in the Willamette Valley, Oregon.     Willamette Valley Disposition Study IG
8221 Houston Ship Channel Expansion Channel Improvement Project, Texas.      
8222 Sabine–Neches waterway navigation improvement project, Texas.      
8223 Norfolk Harbor and Channels, Virginia.      
8224 Coastal Virginia, Virginia.      
8225 West Virginia hydropower.      
8226 Electronic preparation and submission of applications.      
8227 Investments for recreation areas.      
8228 Automated fee machines.      
8229 Review of recreational hazards.      
8230 Assessment of coastal flooding mitigation modeling and testing capacity.      
8231 Report on socially and economically disadvantaged small business concerns.      
8232 Report on solar energy opportunities.      
8233 Report to Congress on economic valuation of preservation of open space, recreational areas, and habitat associated with project lands.      
8234 Report on corrosion prevention activities.      
8235 Report to Congress on easements related to water resources development projects.      
8236 GAO studies.      
8237 Assessment of forest, rangeland, and watershed restoration services on lands owned by the Corps of Engineers.      
8301 Deauthorization of inactive projects.      
8302 Watershed and river basin assessments.      
8303 Forecast-informed reservoir operations.      
8304 Lakes program.      
8305 Invasive species.      
8306 Maintenance of navigation channels.      
8307 Project reauthorizations.      
8308 Special rule for certain beach nourishment projects.      
8309 Columbia River Basin.      
8310 Evaluation of hydrologic changes in Souris River Basin.      
8311 Acequias irrigation systems.      
8312 Port of Nome, Alaska.      
8313 St. George, Alaska.      
8314 Unalaska (Dutch Harbor) Channels, Alaska.      
8315 Storm damage prevention and reduction, coastal erosion, and ice and glacial damage, Alaska.      
8316 St. Francis Lake Control Structure.      
8317 South Platte River and Tributaries, Adams and Denver Counties, Colorado.      
8318 Fruitvale Avenue Railroad Bridge, Alameda, California.      
8319 Los Angeles County, California.      
8320 Deauthorization of designated portions of the Los Angeles County Drainage Area, California.      
8321 Murrieta Creek, California.      
8322 Sacramento River Basin, California.      
8323 San Diego River and Mission Bay, San Diego County, California.      
8324 Additional assistance for Eastern Santa Clara Basin, California.      
8325 San Francisco Bay, California.      
8326 South San Francisco Bay Shoreline, California.      
8327 Delaware shore protection and restoration.      
8328 St. Johns River Basin, Central and Southern Florida.      
8329 Little Pass, Clearwater Bay, Florida.      
8330 Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan, Florida.      
8331 Palm Beach Harbor, Florida.      
8332 Port Everglades, Florida.      
8333 South Florida Ecosystem Restoration Task Force.      
8334 New Savannah Bluff Lock and Dam, Georgia and South Carolina.      
8335 Little Wood River, Gooding, Idaho.      
8336 Chicago shoreline protection.      
8337 Great Lakes and Mississippi River Interbasin project, Brandon Road, Will County, Illinois.      
8338 Southeast Des Moines, Southwest Pleasant Hill, Iowa.      
8339 City of El Dorado, Kansas.      
8340 Algiers Canal Levees, Louisiana.      
8341 Mississippi River Gulf Outlet, Louisiana.      
8342 Camp Ellis, Saco, Maine.      
8343 Lower Mississippi River comprehensive management study.      
8344 Upper Mississippi River protection.      
8345 Upper Mississippi River restoration program.      
8346 Water level management on the Upper Mississippi River and Illinois Waterway.      
8347 Mississippi Delta Headwaters, Mississippi.      
8348 Sense of Congress relating to Okatibbee Lake, Mississippi.      
8349 Argentine, East Bottoms, Fairfax-Jersey Creek, and North Kansas Levees units, Missouri River and tributaries at Kansas Cities, Missouri and Kansas.      
8350 Lower Missouri River streambank erosion control evaluation and demonstration projects.      
8351 Missouri River interception-rearing comple1es.      
8352 Missouri River mitigation project, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, and Nebraska.      
8353 Northern Missouri.      
8354 Israel River, Lancaster, New Hampshire.      
8355 Middle Rio Grande flood protection, Bernalillo to Belen, New Mexico.      
8356 Ecosystem restoration, Hudson–Raritan Estuary, New York and New Jersey.      
8357 Arkansas River corridor, Oklahoma.      
8358 Copan Lake, Oklahoma.      
8359 Southwestern Oregon.      
8360 Yaquina River, Oregon.      
8361 Lower Blackstone River, Rhode Island.      
8362 Charleston Harbor, South Carolina.      
8363 Colleton County, South Carolina.      
8364 Ensley levee, Tennessee.      
8365 Wolf River Harbor, Tennessee.      
8366 Addicks and Barker Reservoirs, Texas.      
8367 North Padre Island, Corpus Christi Bay, Texas.      
8368 Nueces County, Texas.      
8369 Lake Champlain Canal, Vermont and New York.      
8370 Rehabilitation of Corps of Engineers constructed dams.      
8371 Puget Sound nearshore ecosystem restoration, Washington.      
8372 Lower Mud River, Milton, West Virginia.      
8373 Northern West Virginia.      
8374 Southern West Virginia.      
8375 Environmental infrastructure.      
8376 Additional assistance for critical projects.      
8377 Conveyances.      
8378 Land transfer and trust land for Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.      
8379 John P. Murtha Locks and Dam.      
8380 Treatment of certain benefits and costs.      
8381 Debris removal.      
8382 General reauthorizations.      
8383 Transfer of excess credit.      
8384 Sec. 8384. Treatment of credit between projects.      
8385 Non-Federal payment flexibility.      
8386 Coastal community flood control and other purposes.      
8387 National levee safety program.      
8388 Surplus water contracts and water storage agreements.      
8389 Water supply storage repair, rehabilitation, and replacement costs.      
8390 Abandoned and inactive noncoal mine restoration.      
8391 Asian carp prevention and control pilot program.      
8392 Enhanced development program.      
8393 Recreational opportunities at certain projects.      
8394 Federal assistance.      
8395 Mississippi River mat sinking unit.      
8396 Sense of Congress on lease agreement.      
8397 Expedited completion of projects and studies.      
8401 Project authorizations.      
8402 Special rules.      
8403 Facility investment.