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Craig, Alaska, Navigation Improvements Project, 17 November 2015

Craig, AlaskaABSTRACT:   The purpose of this project is to improve navigation at Craig, Alaska.  This project will create a new small boat harbor with new moorage to meet the needs of the fleet which serves the region.  The non-Federal partner is the City of Craig, Alaska.

Craig, Alaska is located in the southern end of southeast Alaska, on the western shore of Prince of Wales Island, 60 air miles west of Ketchikan, and equidistant from Seattle and Anchorage.  The City and its citizens are heavily dependent upon access to marine waters for commercial fishing, transportation, subsistence activities, and recreational boating.

Craig currently has two small boat harbors which are fully subscribed.  A need exists for additional moorage.  During summer fishing openings, the harbors are overcrowded, leading vessels to moor to one another in a damaging and inefficient practice called “rafting”.  Rafting often leads to damages to vessels and harbor infrastructure and also results in costly delays to vessels wishing to enter or exit the harbor.

The Recommended Plan is to construct a third small boat harbor in Wards Cove, located in southern Klawock Inlet on the northern side of Craig Island.  The project consists of approximately 1,933-feet of new breakwaters protecting a 10.1-acre mooring basin in which local service facilities provided by the non-federal sponsor will create new moorage for approximately 145 vessels ranging from 20 feet to 140 feet in length.  The entrance and basin are naturally deep and require no dredging for construction or operation and maintenance.  With a fish passage opening designed into the breakwater, there are no significant impacts to environmental resources, and no compensatory mitigation is required.

Recommended Plan

Based on October 2015 price levels, the estimated project first costs for the Recommended Plan (consisting of general navigation features (GNF), aids to navigation, and preconstruction engineering and design) are approximately $32,317,000.  With the 90 percent federal/10 percent non-federal initial during construction cost sharing for depths 20 feet or less, the initial federal share is $29,061,000 and the initial non-Federal share is $3,229,000.  The sponsor is also responsible for an additional $4,128,000 in local service facilities, the $17,000 cost of lands, easements, rights-of-way and relocations (LERR), and repayment after construction of 10 percent of the GNF (less credit for LERR).

The Recommended Plan has net annual National Economic Development benefits of $361,000 and a benefit to cost ratio of 1.24 at the Federal Fiscal Year 2016 discount rate of 3.125 percent.  Annual federal operation, maintenance, repair, rehabilitation, and replacement (OMRR&R) costs are expected to be $39,000 for maintenance of the breakwater.  The non-federal sponsor will be responsible for OMRR&R on all local service facilities.

REPORT DOCUMENTATION:   Pertinent documentation on the project, the results of the Civil Works Review Board (CWRB), and subsequent Washington-Level Review Actions are listed below (items not linked will be provided when available):

  • CWRB Agenda
  • Project Map/Placemat
  • Report Summary
  • CWRB Briefing Slides
  • CWRB Lessons Learned
  • CWRB Meeting Repord
  • State and Agency Review Comment Letters
  • Documentation of Review Findings
  • Signed Chief of Engineers Report
  • Advance Copy to Congressional Committees
  • ASA(CW) Memo to OMB
  • OMB Response
  • ASA(CW) Transmittal to Congress
  • Signed Finding of No Significant Impact
  • Authorization