Specifically Authorized Agreements

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 Design Agreement
 Coastal Storm Risk Management PPA
 Commercial Navigation Harbors PPA
 Ecosystem Restoration

Ecosystem Restoration

Note:  The model above is for specifically authorized projects only.  For Sections 206 and 1135 models, go to the Models for Continuing Authority Program (CAP) page.  For models for ecosystem restoration and structural flood damage risk reduction, go to the Models for Structural Flood Damage Risk Reduction page. 

 Structural Flood Risk Management

Structural Flood Risk Management

Note:  The model above is for specifically authorized projects only.  For Sections 14, 205, and 208 models, go to the Models for Continuing Authority Program page

Continuing Authorities Program (CAP) Agreements

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 FCSA for all CAP Projects
 Section 14 PPA
 Section 103 (With Periodic Nourishment) PPA
 Section 103 (Without Periodic Nourishment) PPA
 Section 107 - Small River and Harbor Navigation PPA
 Section 204 PPA
 Section 205 - Structural PPA
 Section 205 - Structural and Nonstructural or NNBF PPA
 Section 205 - Nonstructural and Natural and Nature-Based Features PPA
 Section 206 PPA
 Section 208 PPA
 Section 1135 PPA

Tribal Partnership Program Agreements

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 TPP Structural Flood Risk Management PPA
 TPP Ecosystem Restoration PPA


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 Additional Work MOAs
 Assumption of O&M MOA
 Contributed Funds MOAs

Certain O&M Activities for Single Years

Certain O&M Activities for Multiple Years

Contributed Funds for Construction of a Navigation Project that Otherwise Would be a Full Federal  Expense

Contributed Funds for Activities Required Prior to Future Maintenance Dredging

O&M Dredging is Federal Expense;
No Federal funds available;
Contributor provides all funds for work

O&M Dredging where such dredging is a Federal Expense;
Both Federal and Contributed funds will be used;

and Contributor provides all funds needed for work above the amount of Federal funds available

O&M Dredging is Federal Expense;
Federal funds are available to award a contract;
Contributor provides specified amount of funds for additional O&M dredging of Federal channel

Maintenance Dredging for Multiple Years

Periodic Renourishment of H&SDRR Project with Sponsor Providing All Funds

Receive and Expend Funds for Design Where Contributor Provides all Funds for the Work

Water Storage Reallocation Study Using Federal and Non-Federal Funds

Water Storage Reallocation Study Using All Non-Federal Funds

 Section 204 Technical Assistance MOA

Section 204(b) - Provision of Technical Assistance

 Section 203 Technical Assistance MOA
 Section 1123 Technical Services MOA

Section 1123 - Provision of Technical Services

 Section 1118(f)(1) Water Supply Proposal MOA

Section 1118(f)(1) of WRDA 2016

 Section 1024 Acceptance of Funds/Materials/Service MOAs

Environmental Infrastructure

Regional Authorities

Note: Some model agreements formerly categorized as Regional Authorities have been relocated to Environmental Infrastructure.

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 Coastal Wetlands Planning, Protection, and Restoration Act (CWPPRA)
 Section 5 - Lake Tahoe Restoration Act
 Section 506 - Great Lakes Fishery and Ecosystem Restoration Program
 Section 510 - Chesapeake Bay Environmental Restoration and Protection Program


Design  and Construction

 Section 542 - Lake Champlain Basin Program

Other Agreements & Templates

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 Acceptance of Contributed Funds for a Section 408 Evaluation
 Levee System Evaluation
 Planning Assistance to States
 Water Supply
 Additional Measures Donor Ports and Energy Transfer Ports (Section 2106)
 Escrow Agreement

Escrow Agreement 

 Placement of Dredged Material into a Federal Dredged Material Placement Facility by a Non-Federal Interest (Section 217(b))
 Placement of Dredged Material into a Federal Dredged Material Placement Facility by a Federal Permittee (Section 401(c))
 Study to Extend Period of Periodic Nourishment
 Watershed Assessments

Checklists, Forms, & Certificates

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 Submission Requirements for Agreement Review Packages
 Certificate of Authority

(Note: Attorney signing the Certificate of Authority cannot be a signatory to the agreement.)

 Certificate of Authority for Environmental Infrastructure Assistance
 Certificate Regarding Lobbying
 Non-Federal Sponsor’s Certificate of Financial Capability

Self-Certification for Agreements

Self-Certification for Decision Documents

Financial Capability Guide for Non-Federal Sponsors 

Guidance Memorandum (CECW-PC 12 June 2007)

 Section 542 State Certification
 SF-LLL Disclosure of Lobbying Activities


Guidance Memorandum (CECW-LN 15 February 1990) 

Items Of Local Cooperation

The following lists should be used as the starting point for drafting the list of items of cooperation for your project. However, when developing the list of items of cooperation for a particular project each of the items should be reviewed to determine if they are still applicable or require modifications to address the specifics of such project. Development of project specific items of cooperation required for your project should be coordinated with the applicable HQUSACE Regional Integration Team. 

Last update (all documents): 10 March 2022

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 Commercial Navigation NED
 CSRM with Beach Improvements with Periodic Renourishment
 CSRM with Beach Improvements without Periodic Renourishment
 CSRM without Beach Improvements
 Ecosystem Restoration
 Ecosystem Restoration with Recreation
 Nonstructural or NNBF and Structural FRM
 Nonstructural or NNBF and Structural FRM with REC
 Nonstructural or NNBF FRM
 Nonstructural or NNBF FRM with REC
 Structural FRM
 Structural FRM with REC Final


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 To Be Compiled

120-day Performance Metric for Processing Contributed Funds for O&M Dredging Using a Model Contributed Funds Memorandum of Agreement

ER 1165-2-208:  In-Kind Contribution Credit Provisions of Section 221(a)(4) of the Flood Control Act of 1970 (16 December 2015)  

Section 2003(b) of WRDA 2007 - Definition of non-Federal Interest Implementation Guidance

Useful Links & Agreements

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 Public Law 84-99

P.L. 84-99 Cooperative Agreement – Federal Project

P.L. 84-99 Cooperative Agreement – Non-Federal Project

 Section 1122 - Beneficial Use Pilot Program

Material Taken from a Federal Channel Only

Material Taken from Both Federal and non-Federal Channels


 Useful Links