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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Civil Works Public Private Partnerships Pilot Program

Public private partnerships (P3) are a tool that can accelerate delivery by providing significant upfront funding, leveraging appropriations while optimizing local participation, and promoting risk sharing in project delivery.  Utilizing P3 can streamline delivery, share risk, and provide significant life-cycle cost savings.   The Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works has directed USACE to establish a public private partnership (P3) pilot program with the goal of demonstrating the viability of new delivery methods that significantly reduce the cost and time of project delivery.  USACE is to identify up to 10 additional P3 pilot projects and provide guidance on the screening and selection criteria along with how the USACE Civil Works budget should be allocated to P3 projects.  USACE P3 policy encourages innovation and can be an important delivery tool for USACE and project sponsors.  USACE is pursuing a public private partnership (P3) pilot program to accelerate project delivery in a constrained fiscal environment.

January 15, 2019 Update:  Due to the government shutdown, the Office of the Federal Register is not posting new notifications.  Therefore, the USACE Federal Register notice providing a request for information on conceptual Public Private Partnership (P3) delivery of USACE Civil Works Projects will be delayed until the Office of the Federal Register begins posting new notifications. Guidance on the P3 pilot program will also be posted to this website when available.  Stakeholder webinars on the P3 effort will be held following the publication of the Federal Register notice and the information on these webinars will be posted to this website as well.

Stakeholder Webinars

The USACE Infrastructure Team will be hosting two stakeholder webinars to discuss the implementation of USACE policy on public private partnerships (P3) and the call for information related to conceptual P3 pilot projects.  The slides for these webinars can be found here.



Questions on the USACE Civil Works P3 pilot program relevant to the USACE may be submitted electronically to: CW.Infrastructure.Team@usace.army.mil.