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  • Pittsburgh District project management chief retires after almost four decades of positive impact

    Known best for her positive and respectful demeanor, Sue Majewski, Pittsburgh District’s deputy chief of planning, programs and project management, will retire after almost 40 years of federal service.
  • A look back: Don Davenport’s 40 years of Service

    After 40 years of federal service working as an engineer with the Memphis District, Mr. Don Davenport is trying out another way of life: retirement. Congratulations to Mr. Davenport on concluding an extraordinary career – one with too many milestones to name, and several friendships made that are sure to last a lifetime.
  • Deputy chief of construction and engineering to retire after 41 years

    After dedicating 41 years to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Deputy Chief of the Construction and Engineering Division Jeffrey Fritz is deciding to retire. His four decades of service certainly made an impact – so much so that his colleagues described him as a “walking Wikipedia on all things Corps of Engineers.”
  • A look back: Williamson’s 33 years of service

    With more than 33 years of federal service, Engineering and Construction (E&C) Division Chief Steve Williamson recently completed one life chapter and is now starting another. To help him close out this part of life, we're taking a look back to celebrate his life and career with the Memphis District.
  • That's a wrap. Soto reflects on 36 years with the district as she readies for retirement

    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (Jan. 31, 2022) – Lucy Soto, Jacksonville District's Equal Employment Opportunity Officer, is wrapping up her more than 36-year career this week while looking forward to her retirement.
  • Former Resource Management Chief Bids Farewell to Army Corps and Federal Service

    Robert Frazier, Seattle District’s former resource management division chief, officially retired from federal government service Dec. 31, 2021.
  • A look back: Pinkston's 48 years of service

    After an astonishing 48 years of combined federal service, Phillip Pinkston has decided to hang his hat, celebrating both the end and beginning of two of life’s most rewarding chapters. To celebrate his well-deserved retirement, we’re taking a look back to acknowledge all he accomplished, hear from the people he positively impacted, and more.
  • Chief of Operations retires from the Corps with 36 years of civilian service

    Chief of Operations, Bill Chapman, retires from the Corps with 36 years of civilian service. In his retirement ceremony, division leadership gifts Chapman with numerous gifts and awards, including the prestigious Bronze Order of De Fleury Medal.
  • A look back: Coleman's 36 years of service

    Real Estate Chief Hugh Coleman recently retired from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers after an incredible 36 years of federal service. To celebrate and recognize his accomplishments, we take a look back at his eventful and inspiring life and career.
  • A look back: Word's 32 years of service

    She undertook the great responsibility of project oversight and financial analysis while her coworkers deployed in support of the 2011 Mississippi River Flood. Additionally, she quickly developed a complete understanding of the complex skills required to execute the Mississippi River and Tributaries maintenance program. These are just a few of many things Program Analyst Lisa Word accomplished before retiring after 32 years of federal service.