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  • May

    FED personnel make connections through STEM

    CAMP HUMPHREYS, South Korea—Laughter, excitement, and joy filled the air of Humphreys Central
  • NAD chief of staff retires after 23-year career

    Lt. Col. Julie D'Annunzio retired from the U.S. Army following a 23-year career at a retirement ceremony in her honor held May 10 at the Fort Hamilton Community Club's Washington Room in Brooklyn, New York.
  • Former ROK Soldier, reflects on past three decades with USACE FED

    CAMP HUMPHREYS, South Korea – After 32 years of service to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)
  • New correctional facility breaks ground on Camp Humphreys

    CAMP HUMPHREYS, South Korea -- The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Far East District (FED)
  • April

    USACE FED Safety Office

    CAMP HUMPHREYS, South Korea – The Far East District (FED) safety office held its inaugural American
  • March

    Facility Communication Distribution Systems: The technical centerpiece of a fully functional medical treatment facility

    Providing information technology and communications infrastructure for any military facility requires specialized technical expertise, but doing so for military medical treatment facilities requires an even more distinct set of skills.
  • June

    Team training testifies of talent, tenacity

    The Far East District employs a talented and hard-working group of mechanics who maintain a diverse fleet of vehicles and equipment. To keep their skills sharp, the motor pool team attends training both locally and abroad.
  • Root Cause Analysis training presented

    Root Cause Analysis training was presented to several different audiences of the Far East District one week in May 2016; an overview of what Root Cause Analysis is and how it can be used with one or more of several tools to solve problems most effectively.
  • Emerging Leader selected

    Ka Young Shim, an architect in Engineering Division’s Design Branch, was recently selected as the Far East District’s “Emerging Leader.” The emerging leader program is a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers initiative geared to develop employees’ leadership skills and future development.
  • May

    Team earns crucial certifications

    All eligible employees of the Resource Management Office and the Internal Review Office have earned DoD Financial Management certifications, a mandatory requirement which began in July 2014 for eligible employees in the 500 series (Financial Management) as a condition of employment due by 2016.

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