U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Releases Work Plans for Fiscal Year 2014 Civil Works Appropriations

Published March 4, 2014

Washington (March 4, 2014) - The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) yesterday delivered to Congress its Fiscal Year 2014 (FY14) work plans for the Army Civil Works program.

President Obama on January 17 signed into law the Energy and Water Development Appropriations Act, 2014, Division D of Public Law 113-76, the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2014, providing $5.467 billion in FY14 appropriations for the Army Civil Works program.  The Act’s accompanying Statement of Managers report designates $4.690 billion of that total for specified programs, projects, and activities (PPA).  USACE was given 45 days (March 3) to allocate the remaining $777 million, designated as additional funding, to individual PPAs, consistent with the categories and criteria provided in the Statement of Managers.

The Army Civil Works budget funds the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of water resources projects and focuses on the highest performing projects and programs within three main Civil Works mission areas: commercial navigation, flood and storm damage reduction, and aquatic ecosystem restoration.  It also funds programs that contribute to the protection of the nation’s waters and wetlands; the generation of low-cost renewable hydropower; the restoration of certain sites contaminated as a result of the nation’s early atomic weapons development program; and emergency preparedness and training to respond to natural disasters.

The $777 million in funding not allocated to specified projects in the conference report is subdivided by the Statement of Managers into numerous categories, within these broad areas:

·         Navigation:  $387.2 million

·         Flood Risk Management: $254.5 million

·         Other Authorized Project Purposes: $135.5 million

The work plans detail the projects that will receive all of the funding provided in FY14 to the Corps, including funding received previously under a continuing appropriations Act.  With this total funding for the fiscal year (some of which the Corps has already used), the work plan funds 29 feasibility studies, six projects in the Pre-Construction Engineering and Design phase and 38 construction projects or elements of projects to completion.    

Feasibility Studies Funded for Completion

§  Alaska Regional Ports (Point Mackenzie), AK

§  Anchorage Harbor, AK

§  Ballona Creek Ecosystem Restoration, CA

§  Brazos Island Harbor, Brownsville Channel, TX

§  Cache La Poudre, CO

§  Calcasieu Lock, LA

§  Chesapeake Bay Shoreline , Susquehanna Regional Sediment Mgmt

§  Dallas Floodway, Upper Trinity River Basin, TX

§  Flagler County, FL

§  Grays Harbor, Wa (LRR)

§  Green And Barren Disposition Study, KY

§  Guadalupe And San Antonio River Basins, TX

§  Little Diomede Harbor, AK

§  Los Angeles River Ecosystem Restoration, CA

§  Lower Mississippi Resource Assessment, AR, IL, KY, LA, MS,MO & TN

§  Manhattan, KS

§  New Savannah Bluff And Dam, GA, SC

§  Passaic River Mainstem Above Dundee Dam, NJ (GRR)

§  Peckman River Basin, NJ

§  Port Everglades Harbor, FL

§  Prado Basin, CA

§  Puget Sound Nearshore Marine Habitat Restoration, WA

§  Sacramento And San Joaquin Comprehensive Basin Study, CA

§  Sac-San Joaquin Delta Islands And Levees, CA

§  San Francisco Bay To Stockton, CA

§  San Joaquin River Basin, Lower San Joaquin, CA

§  South San Francisco Shoreline, CA

§  Western Lake Erie Basin (Blanchard River), OH

§  Willamette River Basin Review (Coast Fork), OR

Preconstruction Engineering and Design Funded for Completion

§  Fargo, ND - Moorhead, MN Metro

§  GIWW, Matagorda Bay, TX

§  Louisiana Coastal Area Ecosystem Restoration (Small Diversion At Convent/Blind River), LA

§  Marsh Lake, MN

§  Mobile Harbor, AL

§  Surf City And North Topsail Beach, NC

Projects Funded to Completion

§  Alamosa, CO

§  American River Watershed (Common Features), CA

§  Arecibo River, PR

§  Blue River Channel, Kansas City, MO

§  Carolina Beach And Vicinity, Carolina Beach, NC

§  Chain Of Rocks Canal, Mississippi River, IL

§  Coyote & Berryessa Creeks, CA

§  Des Moines And Raccoon Rivers, IA

§  Elk Creek Lake, OR

§  Garrison Dam And Power Plant, ND (Major Rehab)

§  Holes Creek, OH

§  Illinois Waterway, Lockport Lock And Dam, IL (Major Rehab)

§ Manteo (Shallowbag) Bay, NC (Mitigation)

§  Middle Rio Grande Restoration, Bosque, NM

§  Mill Creek, OH

§  Mount Saint Helens Sediment Control, WA

§  Levisa and Tug Forks And Upper Cumberland River, Grundy, VA

§  Oakland Harbor (42 Foot), CA

§  Ohio Riverfront Project, Cincinnati, OH

§  Ozark - Jeta Taylor Lock And Dam, AR (Major Rehabilitation)

§  Puget Sound And Adjacent Waters Restoration, WA

§  Rio Salado Phoenix & Tempe, AZ

§  Roseau, MN

§  San Juan Harbor, PR

§  Savannah Harbor Disposal Areas, GA & SC (Jones Oyster Bed Dike)

§  Sitka Harbor, AK

§  South Sacramento County Streams, CA

§  Southwest Valley Flood Damage Reduction, Albuquerque, NM

§  Tampa Harbor Main Channel, FL

§  Tampa Harbor, Big Bend, FL

§  Western Sarpy County And Clear Creek, NE

§  Wood River Levee, Reconstruction, IL

§  Yukon, OK

Elements of Projects Funded for Completion

§  Alaska Coastal Erosion, AK (Unalakleet)

§  Central & Southern Florida, FL (Upper St. Johns Levee)

§  Middle Rio Grande Flood Protection, Bernalillo To Belen, NM (GRR)

§  Mobile Harbor, AL (Widening LRR)

§  Rio De La Plata, PR (LRR)

In addition, in accordance with Public Law 113-76, USACE will fund up to nine previously unfunded studies and four previously unfunded construction projects.  USACE selected projects based on performance and on considerations provided in the Statement of Managers. 

Studies funded in the Investigations account include the following:

Previously Unfunded Studies

§  Dry Creek (Warm Springs Dam) and Coyote Valley Dam Restoration, CA

§  Chesapeake Bay Comprehensive Plan, MD, PA & VA

§  Coastal Texas Protection and Restoration Study, TX

§  Houston Ship Channel, TX

§  Lower Santa Cruz, Flood Risk Management, AZ

§  Port of Long Beach, CA

§  Satilla River Basin Watershed, GA

§  Seattle Harbor, WA

§  Yuba River Fish Passage, CA (Englebright & Daguerre Point Dams), CA

Projects funded in the Construction account include the following:

Previously Unfunded Projects

§  Columbia River at the Mouth (Major Rehabilitation), OR & WA

§  Hamilton City, CA

§  Lower Colorado River (Onion Creek), TX

§  Valdez Harbor Expansion, AK (also funded for completion)

The work plan for each appropriation listing the amounts provided to various programs, projects, and activities may be found at http://www.usace.army.mil/Missions/CivilWorks/Budget.aspx.

The Statement of Managers (House Rules Committee Print 113-32, Division D) may be found at http://rules.house.gov/bill/113/hr-3547-sa

Gene Pawlik
Doug Garman

Release no. 14-002