Transportation Services

Charter Services - Coordinates ground and air charter transportation for district personnel including payment of services
Freight Services - Coordinates the transportation of material and equipment for district support including payment of services
Vehicle Acquisition - Coordinates the acquisition of vehicle(s) for the district including payment of services
Vehicle Dispatch/Invoicing of Vehicle Leasing Fees - Dispatches vehicles for the district. Reconciles the GSA bill for certification with the Revolving Fund (RF)2140 account
Fuel Bill Invoicing - Serves as an Accountable Official (AO) responsible for coordinating the payment of bulk fuel for the district. (Note: This service does not include GSA leased vehicles)
Vehicle Maintenance - Coordinates the repair and maintenance of leased fleet vehicles
Registration of Corps-Owned Vehicles - Coordinates the registration for Corps-owned vehicles, trailers, and equipment requiring license plates in the Federal Motor Vehicle Registration System (FMVRS). (Note: this includes the issue of a fuel card per vehicle)
Vehicle Allocation Methodology (VAM) - Monitors the size and utilization of the district's fleet and makes recommendations to the command for changes concerning vehicle assignments and forecasts future fleet requirements to all organizations within the district
Vehicle Utilization Review Board (VURB) - Provides vehicle utilization data to the district in order to support future vehicle acquisitions