Sustainment Division

·                     Personal Property Accountability - Approves requisitions, issues newly acquired property, conducts property Transfers, Additions, Deletions, and Updates information to properly monitor and track all USACE Purchased Personal Property

·                     Develops and coordinates the District Inventory Schedule - Works with District HRH’s to develop a schedule to meet the inventory regulatory requirements to ensure compliance

·                     Hand Receipt Inventory and Reconciliation Support Service - Coordinates and assists district Hand Receipt Holders (HRH) with completion and reconciliation of inventories

·                     Financial Liability Investigations of Property Loss (FLIPL) - Support district HRHs with the initiating and completion of FLIPLs. (Note: Utilizes the EFLIPL system as the standard system of record

·                     Records Management - Develop and maintains supporting documents for property transactions on USACE owned Personal Property in support of audit requirements. (Note: Utilizes the Army Record Information Management System ARIMS)

·                     Storage - Maintain a storage area for personal property not yet issued, utilized, or awaiting disposal

·                     Hand Receipt Holder Training - Provides training to Hand Receipt Holders (HRH) and or their designated agents on the proper methods for property accountability

·                   Command Supply Discipline Monitor (CSDP) - Validate District property accountability is in compliance with regulatory guidance.

·                   Government Fuel Car Programs - Manages the payment of various fules types as required by the districts through 5 fuel Card programs including AIR (airports), Voyager (USACE Owned), Swipe SEA Card (small boats and vessels), SEA (larger vessels), and the Logistics Card Program (bulk fuel).

·                   Maintenance Program Managements - Equipment certification for use of special equipment, Forward Engineer Support Teams – Advance (FEST-A) equipment consolidation, and Army Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE) program management.

·                     Logistics Automation - Development and maintenance of the program to utilize government cell phone and a mobile application in conjunction with service now to conduct formal inventories.