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Cost Engineering

Mission: The Cost Engineering Community of Practice (COP) formulates all regulations and policies, and provide guidance and directions on all issues related to Cost Engineering for the Military Programs, Civil Works, Environmental and Construction Programs. In addition, it provides economic analysis for the Military Construction (MILCON) program and oversees the maintenance and operation support of the Cost Engineering automation tools.

Functions: This Community of Practice is responsible for developing policy and guidance for USACE Computer Aided Cost Engineering System (CACES), coordinate the efforts to develop standard guidance between the DOD Tri-Service Cost Engineering Community, and provide oversight to the Assigned Responsible Agency (ARA) located at the Huntsville Engineering Support Center (HNC), Huntsville, Alabama.  It develops cost engineering policy, directions, procedures and implementation guidance for Military Construction Army (MCA), Civil Works, Environmental, as well as the  Support for Others programs.  It prepares and review planning and budget estimates annually for authorization and appropriate by Congressional Committees.  It provides staff assistance and support to the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works, ASA (CW) and the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Energy and Engineering), OASD (E&E) on cost engineering issues, including the required survey and development of DOD Area Cost Factors and Facilities Unit Prices guidance. The CoP provides cost engineering consulting and technical support to other federal, state and local agencies, field offices and the private sector.

In addition, it is responsible for overseeing the development, reviews; applications of policy, technical criteria, standards and guidance in the area of engineering economics, economic analysis (EA), and life cycle costing (LCC) of military construction