How do I find the business opportunities?

In order to be the most successful Government contractor, it is recommended that you not only seek current solicited opportunities, but also understand planned and forecasted procurements that are planned for solicitation. 

Being aware of planned procurements helps you understand where to better focus your business development efforts within USACE, but will also help your small business team know how to plan out potential project and proposal dates.

As always, if you have any questions on any of the planned procurements or how to better utilize to locate current solicitations, you can utilize your district/center small business office.


Attention USACE Contractors- Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) Work Plans available!!  Take a look at allocations across the enterprise for construction, flood control, O&M and more...engage directly with the district for more information.  
Homes along Highway 55 in Montegut, La., received significant damage from Hurricane Ida and tornadoes.

MILCON Upcoming Contract Opportunities

MILCON Upcoming Contract Opportunities

This list will provide information specifically on Military Construction procurement opportunities.  Similar to the Enterprise forecast, please use this list to help identify areas of military construction of interest and consider reaching out to the appropriate district/center small business office to discuss further.  A list of district acronyms is located here.

Current USACE Opportunities

Utilize SAM.Gov to locate solicitations, RFI, Sources Sought Notices and Outreach/Industry Event opportunities:


  1. Visit the website 
  2. Next to the search box where it says I’m looking for... use the drop-down menu to change the option from All Award Data to Contract Opportunities.
  3. DO NOT put anything in the search box, just click Search.
  4. Once on the Contract Opportunities page, enter the Department of Defense Activity Code (DoDAAC), which is the 6 character code at the beginning of district/center solicitations and contracts) into the Keywords box to narrow the opportunities to those found in the specific district you are searching.  You can search a list of DoDAAC for each USACE district/center here.
  5. Then change the Sort By drop-down menu to Last Updated Date to display the most recent opportunities available.  

NOTE: This new system no longer has functionality to drill down from Army to a specific District office.


  • Once a search has been completed, users can save the search by clicking Save Search icon. 
  • To be automatically be notified of new opportunities associated with a saved search, locate the search in your saved search listing. Click on the Actions drop-down menu next to the search and select Notify. Search results will be sent once a day to your registered email address at 9 p.m. EST.

NOTE: Users must be signed into their account to save a search.


To "watch" an opportunity, click on the opportunity title to open the full view then click Follow icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.  This will provide the user with automatic email notifications when changes or updates are made to the followed notice.

NOTE: Users must be signed into their account to follow an opportunity.


This function has not changed much from the previous system however be aware that if you are following an opportunity, you will get notifications anytime a company adds themselves to the IVL. 

NOTE: Users must be signed into their account to view/add to the Interested Vendors List.

Review USACE Forecasted Contract Opportunities

Enterprise Forecasted Contracting Opportunities

This list is current as of the date on the document.  These are planned procurements at the time of publication, and projects and/or strategies may change based on project/program schedule and/or funding.

This list should be used to understanding upcoming opportunities, and especially where the strategy is yet to be determined can be an opportunity to do more research on the specific project and further market your firm's capabilities and interest in the projects (Note:  Self- marketing does not guarantee a specific acquisition strategy determination.).  You can first reach out to the cognizant district/center small business office to discuss further.  

It is not always a guarantee, but current projects at districts/centers can also be indicators (as well as Top 5 district/contract list) of past procurements and additional future similar work, which should help you with your market research to determine the best districts/centers to do business with and focus efforts.

You can filter for specific district opportunities, and it is always recommended to further visit the district/center small business website for the most up to date forecast information.