Find and Understand USACE Subcontracting Opportunities

It is part of the mission of the USACE Office of Small Business Programs to not only advocate for small business opportunities at a direct contract level, but also to maximize opportunities for small business subcontracting opportunities.  Subcontracting on USACE contracts can help companies that may be newer to Federal contracting, looking to build experience and past performance with USACE and/or simply prefer to work at an indirect level or provide supplies/services more appropriate to a subcontract.   This page will provide you with many recommendations to increase visibility of USACE subcontracting.

For Small Businesses

  • How-To Guide: Use to help identify subcontracting opportunities on USACE contract awards

    The How-To guide will help you navigate the steps to identify potential USACE contracts within specific NAICS or performance locations that may have subcontracting opportunities, as well as how to utilize the Interested Vendors list to maximize opportunities for partnerships.


For Large Businesses (AKA Other Than Small Businesses)