Outreach Events/Training

To maximize your business development within USACE and keep informed about upcoming projects, items of importance for contractors and to network with other contractors and USACE personnel, contractors should engage via conferences, industry days and training events.

Participating in USACE and other sponsored events is another way to ensure your company is educated about all processes and programs and build relationships with Government personnel.

In case you want to "up your game" here are some best practices for attendance at conferences and other outreach events!

Searchable Events

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This attachment will provide you with a list of upcoming opportunities searchable by district: Click Here.  (Current Update 23 May 2022)

(NOTE:  This list will be updated monthly, and is subject to change.)

This will help you narrow down potential outreach events if you are targeting specific districts/centers.   It is also recommended that you monitor and save searches for outreach events on sam.gov 


Open the calendar popup.