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Additional Agreements?

If you are interested in other agencies who may have active agreements with USACE, call 202-761-0628.

Sample Agreements

Agency / Organization   Purpose / Scope Effective Date 
Agriculture 2-way MOA covering USDA and USACE for goods and services; i.e., planning, design, construction, flood damage reduction, et al. Dec 2005
Commerce - NOAA Social Science goods and services provided to and paid by USACE May 2008
Commerce - NOAA  2-way MOA covering (USACE:  planning, design, construction, project mgmt, environ restoration, hazardous & toxic materials removal, R&D, engineering or tech assistance, facilities master planning, & other ...) (NOAA:  hydro-meteorological assessments & evaluations (incl monitoring); hydrologic, weather, & climate forecasting applications; hydrographic surveying; tech support; charting; R&D, & other ...) Oct 2004
Energy - NNSA  Interagency Agreement between DOE (Natl Nuclear Security Admin, Ofc of Infrastructure & Facilities Mgmt) and USACE for engineering technical support to NNSA Complex (eight sites)  Amendment 1 (Sep 03) April 2003
EPA Superfund Program Implementation (clarification and extension of  Feb 82 agreement) Dec 1984

Homeland Security

MOA between DHS and DA for engineering, design and design review, project mgmt, construction mgmt, procurement, RE, and environmental support Jan 2004
HS/FEMA Goods and Services Dec 2008
Interior, National Park Service

Transmittal Letter and NPS USACE IA Procedures for the National MOA with Areas of Cooperation (see Interagency Safety Charter)

April 2011
Interior - USGS 2-way MOA between USGS and DA for Corps planning, design, construct, environ restoration, R&D, hazmat removal, engineering & tech assistance, training; and for USGS investigations & training in earth sciences, remote sensing & geospatial data applications, water resources & hydrologic research, info systems, and other related goods/services for both CW and military projects. March 2004
NASA  IAA for engineering and related services July 2011 
USAID General Agreement establishing a framework for providing USAID-requested technical services to USAID and its partners.    PASA May 2003
Veterans Affairs  National MOA for Design and Construction Services (supercedes Sep 07 MOA) March 2011