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FUDS Inventory per State

The Formerly Used Defense Sites (FUDS) Inventory is available per state. There are 5,144 sites in the inventory as of September 30, 2015.

The map and table below display the FUDS Inventory as of September 30, 2015, as listed in the most recently published Annual Report to Congress (ARC). Clicking a number on the map below, or selecting a state name from table below the map, will display the FUDS Inventory listing all sites in the state as of September 30, 2015.

Note that FUDS Inventory documents use the Portable Document Format (PDF) file format. You may need version 8 or later of Adobe® Acrobat® software or Adobe® Reader software to view the FUDS Inventory documents. The latest version of Adobe® Reader software may be downloaded free from the Adobe® Systems Incorporated Web site.

FUDS Projects Inventory Listed by State

FUDS Inventory Map
 Alabama  South Atlantic Division  64 Sites    Montana  Northwestern Division  28 Sites
 Alaska  Pacific Ocean Division  364 Sites    Nebraska  Northwestern Division  109 Sites
 American Samoa  Pacific Ocean Division  9 Sites    Nevada  South Pacific Division  52 Sites
 Arizona  South Pacific Division  141 Sites    New Hampshire  North Atlantic Division  20 Sites
 Arkansas  Southwestern Division  37 Sites    New Jersey  North Atlantic Division  90 Sites
 California  South Pacific Division  711 Sites    New Mexico  South Pacific Division  224 Sites
 Colorado  Northwestern Division  62 Sites    New York  North Atlantic Division  167 Sites
 Connecticut  North Atlantic Division  27 Sites    North Carolina  South Atlantic Division  68 Sites
 Delaware  North Atlantic Division  25 Sites    North Dakota  Northwestern Division  5 Sites
 District of Columbia  North Atlantic Division  34 Sites    Northern Mariana Islands  Pacific Ocean Division  25 Sites
 Florida  South Atlantic Division  252 Sites    Ohio  Great Lakes & Ohio River Division  95 Sites
 Georgia  South Atlantic Division  60 Sites    Oklahoma  Southwestern Division  86 Sites
 Guam  Pacific Ocean Division  17 Sites    Oregon  Northwestern Division  71 Sites
 Hawaii  Pacific Ocean Division  120 Sites    Pennsylvania  North Atlantic Division  105 Sites
 Idaho  Northwestern Division  25 Sites    Puerto Rico  South Atlantic Division  48 Sites
 Illinois  Great Lakes and Ohio River Division  109 Sites    Rhode Island  North Atlantic Division  85 Sites
 Indiana  Great Lakes and Ohio River Division  42 Sites    South Carolina  South Atlantic Division  60 Sites
 Iowa  Northwestern Division  21 Sites    South Dakota  Northwestern Division  56 Sites
 Kansas  Northwestern Division  139 Sites    Tennessee  South Atlantic Division  35 Sites
 Kentucky  Great Lakes and Ohio River Division  15 Sites    Texas  Southwestern Division  370 Sites
 Louisiana  Southwestern Division  42 Sites    U.S. Virgin Islands  South Atlantic Division  5 Sites
 Maine  North Atlantic Division  104 Sites    Utah  South Pacific Division  30 Sites
 Maryland  North Atlantic Division  60 Sites    Vermont   North Atlantic Division  9 Sites
 Massachusetts  North Atlantic Division  194 Sites    Virginia  North Atlantic Division  83 Sites
 Michigan  Great Lakes and Ohio River Division  135 Sites    Washington  Northwestern Division  98 Sites
 Minnesota  Northwestern Division  30 Sites    West Virginia  North Atlantic Division  68 Sites
 Mississippi  South Atlantic Division  62 Sites    Wisconsin  Northwestern Division  42 Sites
 Missouri  Northwestern Division  71 Sites    Wyoming  Northwestern Division  38 Sites
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