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  • May

    Developmental position to offer growth, new skills for USACE employee

    Many U.S. Army Corps of Engineers employees are eager to learn new skills and grow in their position. Fortunately, the Memphis District oftentimes offers opportunities for its employees to do just that through what's called developmental assignments and/or positions. A developmental position is a temporary job that differs from their permanent position and is designed to train and develop employees in preparation for further career advancement. These temporary positions normally last about 120 days, but can be shorter or longer depending on the position. Additionally, the job location can either be at the employee’s home station or in a completely different state. While the differences vary from position to position, one thing remains the same, the benefits of working a developmental assignment are endless. Recently, Memphis District Procurement Analyst TiJuana' TJ' Harris was provided the chance to apply for a 120-day developmental assignment at the division level, where she said she would learn even more about the "whys" of USACE contracting.
  • December

    Furnishings Program team focuses on ‘better, smarter, faster’ at VE workshop

    A group of Huntsville Center professionals took part in a value engineering workshop for the Furnishings Program Nov. 4–6 with the goal of improving processes, reducing costs and boosting value for stakeholders.
  • August

    Shoreline SharePoint team earns process improvement award

    WASHINGTON (Aug. 2, 2018) – The team that developed Shoreline SharePoint, an online resource to electronically file license applications, received the Army’s Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement Program Team Excellence Award in the Non-Enterprise, Non-Gated Level during a ceremony at the Pentagon July 25.
  • February

    Continuous process improvement increases center efficiency, customer satisfaction

    Everyone has ideas about what is wrong, what could be done differently and how they might fix problems in their work areas. They just might not know how to go about getting it done. That’s something Huntsville Center's Program Improvement Manager Carolyn Harris wants to change.

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