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  • Hidden hotspots offer 18 ways to kick off Memorial Day weekend

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. – This weekend, outdoor recreation kicks off in full swing and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has made a short list of “Hidden Heartland Hotspots” for folks looking to try something new this Memorial Day weekend. Just make sure your Memorial Day Weekend is memorable for all the right reasons by practicing these safety tips!
  • Stay afloat and know before you get on the boat

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Tomorrow starts National Safe Boating Week and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers urges you to stay afloat with responsible recreation before you step on the boat.   We encourage all water-vessel operators and passengers to take the safe-boating pledge and exercise caution while enjoying their favorite water-based activities during this national effort recognized May 21-27, 2022 by the Safe Boating Council. USACE is one of the nation’s leading providers of outdoor recreation with more than 400 lake and river projects, and wearing an approved life jacket is the simplest life-saving strategy for recreational boaters.
  • Corps receives additional $77 million in IIJA funding for Emsworth Locks and Dam

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Pittsburgh District announces an additional $77 million in Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) supplemental funding for design and construction work at Emsworth Locks and Dam, March 29.
  • Corps temporarily closes Kellettville recreation area campgrounds at Tionesta Lake

    Due to ice chunks from a recent high-water event along Tionesta Creek, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Pittsburgh District is temporarily closing the Kellettville recreation area at Tionesta Lake.
  • Virtual reality experience shows Willamette Valley environmental progress

    Army engineers and planners continue developing an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Willamette Valley System (WVS) that will address the continued operations and maintenance of the System in accordance with authorized project purposes; while meeting Endangered Species Act obligations to avoid jeopardizing the continued existence of listed species.
  • Pittsburgh District performs controlled releases to manage water levels from Hurricane Ida

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Pittsburgh District is informing the public that due to recent and anticipated rainfall from Hurricane Ida, water levels along the Cheat, Monongahela, Ohio and Youghiogheny rivers will be higher than normal and are expected to remain so throughout Labor Day weekend.
  • East Brimfield Lake waters closed to the public on Aug. 17 for 24 hours

     The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), New England District announced today that the waters at
  • Corps of Engineers urges water safety this holiday weekend

    As the steward of many public waters within the Upper Midwest, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, St. Paul District, wants to remind everyone about the importance of practicing safe, responsible and thoughtful activities in and around the water this 4th of July weekend.
  • Spring Spill begins facilitating fish passage at Snake and Columbia river dams

    Federal water managers have begun the annual spill of water past hydroelectric dams on the Columbia and Snake rivers to help juvenile salmon and steelhead migrate to the ocean this spring. The spill began April 3 on the lower Snake River and April 10 on the lower Columbia River. Spill for juvenile fish passage helps reduce the proportion of juvenile fish that pass dams through the turbines and helps reduce passage delay at each dam, thereby shortening their travel time through the Snake and Columbia rivers.
  • $57.4 million in additional FY 21 appropriations for area’s water resource infrastructure projects

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Pittsburgh District, announces its Fiscal Year 2021 Work Plan includes an additional $57.4 million for the civil works program.

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Tag: water
  • $57.4 million in additional FY 21 appropriations for area’s water resource infrastructure projects

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Pittsburgh District, announces its Fiscal Year 2021 Work Plan includes an additional $57.4 million for the civil works program.
  • Corps Signs Partnership Agreement for Water Treatment Plant Upgrades

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Pittsburgh District has entered into a more than $3.3-million project partnership agreement with the city of Chester to complete upgrades to the city’s water treatment plant.
  • Army Corps announces installation of Jennings Randolph Lake Downstream Early Warning System

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Baltimore District, has installed a year-round early warning system at Jennings Randolph Lake intended to notify downstream public users of impending rapid increases in water levels, and to evacuate the river immediately to higher ground for their safety.
  • The Corps seeks public comment on improvements to the Whitehall water treatment facility

    A proposal to improve the current water treatment and distribution system for the city of Whitehall, Montana is currently available for public comment through August 15, 2020.
  • PUBLICATION NOTICE: Effects of Boric Acid and Water Content on Fundamental Properties of Proprietary Magnesium Phosphate Cement (MPC) Products

    Abstract: Magnesium phosphate cements (MPCs) have been used for decades in proprietary products for pavement repairs. However, products with high exothermic temperatures have short working times, and research is needed to overcome these unfavorable characteristics. The effects of different boric acid and water contents on the fundamental properties of concrete was investigated through 34 trial batch modifications on the following commercially available MPC products: (1) Premier Magnesia’s PREMag PGDM, (2) BASF Master Builder’s MasterEmaco T545, and (3) CeraTech Inc.’s Pavemend TR. Overall results indicated that the increase of boric acid and water content produced favorable decreased temperatures and increased set times but retardation in the early age development of compressive strength. Modifications in the PREMag PGDM product resulted in poor workability, inaccurate time of setting due to a thixotropic nature, and unacceptable compressive strength loss. The Pavemend TR product was significantly affected by the addition of boric acid resulting in nonrecoverable compressive and bond strength loss, excessive expansions, failure at low freezing and thawing cycles, and unacceptable times of setting for rapid-repair applications. The T545 product showed promising performance with 28-day recovery in compressive, flexural, and bond strengths and minimal differences in other properties when compared to the control mixture.
  • Communication, cooperation and coordination key to keeping Mississippi River open for commercial navigation

    Working around the clock, five dredges directed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers are battling extreme low-water conditions along the Mississippi River to keep commercial navigation moving on America’s super highway.