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  • October

    Once a closely guarded secret, Project Magma revealed to be new east coast hub for the world’s largest winemakers

    The largest winemaker in the world has chosen South Carolina as the location for its new bottling and distribution plant. E&J Gallo Winery has announced that its upcoming facility located in Chester County will be the company’s primary distribution hub east of the Mississippi.
  • May

    Pittsburgh District beams rivers with sonar to help navigation, occasionally finds lost vehicles

    The sonar helps provide the district with digital imagery that can detect water depth, erosion or obstructions that may impact navigation on the Pittsburgh rivers.
  • A look back: Flinn's 32 years of service

    "He's worked on many projects throughout his career," Regulatory Retiree Randy Clark recalled. "His analytical insight to many Regulatory projects has been incredible and made projects better. He looked at projects from a close perspective and at the 10,000-mile-high view. He always knew when each approach was necessary and best." Clark is describing newly retired Regulatory Technical Expert Tim Flinn. Flinn served a total of 32 years of federal service before deciding he was ready to retire.
  • February

    Restoration Regulation

    A $30 million project on the Manokin River in Somerset County is on track to be the world’s largest oyster restoration effort. For any restoration project, permits are required to evaluate potential project impacts - both positive and negative - on the environment before work can proceed. While USACE has been the lead for reef construction efforts on other tributaries, in the case of the Manokin, USACE played the role of regulator.
  • December

    Corps approves permit for top SC corridor improvement project

    After a swift federal review process, a comprehensive upgrade to one the South Carolina’s most
  • August

    Corps sets up Virtual Public Scoping Room for Suffolk landfill project

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is currently reviewing a Southeastern Public Service Authority proposal to expand landfill operations at the existing regional landfill in Suffolk through the Environmental Impact Statement process.
  • May

    Permitting the Panthers

    In October 1993, the Carolina Panthers officially became the newest expansion team in the National
  • April

    5 Questions with a Soil Scientist

    Does this soil classify as wetland? It’s a question regulators at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • Working with the State to Protect Beaufort’s Shores

    Article and photos by Jackie PennoyerBattered by recent back-to-back coastal storms, several
  • March

    Shiners: Fish and Beverages by the Same Name

    Mention shiner in Texas and you may receive a different response depending on exactly who you are talking. Many will equate to a small town north of Victoria in South Texas or to a fairly famous beer with the same name but ask someone who fishes and they’ll tell you all about shiners being used for bait to catch that larger game fish. There is even a couple of shiners (the ones with scales) that are endangered.

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