Author: Jessica Haas, Public Affairs Specialist
  • New Bank Grading Unit “Grader 1” | Begins season with focus on calibration, training

    Memphis District Commander Col. Brian Sawser, Deputy District Engineer for Programs and Project Management Donny Davidson, Operations Division Chief Andrea Williams, Channel Improvement Project Manager Zach Cook, and Regional Channel Improvement Coordinator Jake Storz, traveled to Mhoon Bend, Mississippi, on July 12, to visit the Memphis District Bank Grading Unit team and observe the new bank grader, Grader 1, in action for the first time since its arrival and christening earlier this year. The district’s Bank Grading Unit (BGU) is the second field activity of Revetment Operations following the Clearing and Snagging Unit. It grades the banks of the Mississippi River to the proposed design slopes to support the sinking of Articulated Concrete Mattress (ACM) performed by the Vicksburg District’s Mat Sinking Unit.
  • MVMWinning: Contract Award - Stewart Towhead Dikes & Dike Stone Repairs

    Memphis, Tenn., July 6, 2023 – The Memphis District continues its 141-year tradition of winning—safely delivering quality projects on time and within budget—with the award of two Mississippi River dike contracts.
  • Dike restoration project minimizes excessive dredging, supports river

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Memphis District maintains a safe and dependable navigation channel for 355 miles of the Mississippi River. It delivers on this charge by constructing dikes and other river training structures, performing revetment and dredging operations, and executing several other navigation and flood risk management projects.              The Memphis District completes dozens of projects annually to ensure a safe and reliable waterway, most recently partnering with Commercial Towing Interests, represented by the Lower Mississippi River Committee (LOMRC), to carry out a dike construction and restoration project in New Madrid, Missouri. "In recent years and during periods of low water conditions, towboat pilots have raised concerns regarding this area of the river, as well as the need for dike work," Project Manager Zach Cook said. "This part of the river has also required frequent dredging over the past few years. Restoring and raising the existing dikes should help lessen that demand as dikes help constrict the waterway during mid-bank to low water stages and in turn, create a more efficient channel."
  • USACE Memphis christens replacement, $25.5M bank grading unit "Grader 1"

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Memphis District officially launched its new, $25.5 million Bank Grading Unit (BGU), “Grader 1”, with a christening ceremony held on the afternoon of May 2 at a boat ramp located in downtown Memphis, Tennessee. Event attendees included Mississippi Valley Division Commander Maj. Gen. Diana Holland, Memphis District Commander Col. Brian Sawser, Grader 1's project delivery team and project partners, and several members from the Memphis District Employee and Retiree Communities. Vessel christenings are widely considered an important part of nautical culture with many associated customs practiced for centuries now. While variations do exist, the overall purpose is to request protection for the vessel and crew while navigating the waterways of the world.
  • Congrats to February Employee of the Month, Joey Cabay!

    Congratulations to Metals Unit Welder/Fitter Leaderman, Mr. Joey Cabay, on his Employee of the Month recognition for the month of February! On top of the responsibilities handled by a Welder, Metal Worker, and Fitter, Cabay regularly takes on much more than what is asked of him.
  • Congrats to March Employee of the Month, Brian Schneider!

    Congratulations to March Employee of the Month, Outreach Coordinator Brian Schneider!
  • Ratliff named Memphis District Employee of the Month

    Congratulations to Mr. Jack Ratliff on his recent selection as January 2023 Employee of the Month. Nominated by three separate district employees/offices, Ratliff is ultimately commended for embracing his new position as the Administrative Contracting Officer (ACO) of the Groundwater Security Office since rejoining the Memphis District from the Little Rock District approximately four months ago.
  • A look back: Berry's 33 years of federal service

    Knowledgeable. Caring. An asset. Kindhearted. Selfless. Friend. Guru. A bright light. Trustworthy. These are words chosen to describe colleague, friend, and recently retired Program Assistant, Mr. Jeff Berry. Even with solid attempts made at convincing him to stay, Berry celebrated his retirement of 33 years of federal service in a ceremony surrounded by friends, family, and colleagues.
  • Memphis District revetment units breaks record, longest season in 20 years

    Another record-breaking season is in the books after the Memphis District’s Revetment Units returned home mid-March of 2023, making it one of the longest seasons had in 20 years.
  • Memphis-area dike construction complete, commercial towing industry to benefit immediately, long-term

    The Memphis District recently completed dike construction and maintenance at Coahoma-Armstrong near Memphis, Tennessee (MS River Mile 719), March 23, 2023. The project completion will result in long-term improvement of the navigation channel crossing in this reach of the river, which has historically been a low water problem spot for the commercial towing industry. The project was awarded as a task order through an existing Mississippi River Multiple Award Task Order Contract (MATOC) using a combination of Disaster Relief Supplemental Act of 2022 (DRSAA) and Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) funding.