PDT awards drainage channel cleanout contract

Memphis District
Published Sept. 23, 2020
PDT awards drainage channel cleanout contract

IN THE PHOTO, at very bottom, is a snapshot of Iron Mines Creek; and above, pictured are several members of the PDT working virtually from home (clockwise from top left): Jeremey Ruffell, Ashely Evans, Mark Smith, Gilbert Chonje, and Jairus Stroupe.

Congratulations to the Iron Mines Creek Channel Cleanout Project Delivery Team (PDT). The PDT recently reached its contract award milestone, awarding the contract to small business contractor Innovative Performance Construction. Work on the contract includes the cleanout of 3.9 miles of the Iron Mines Creek channel located in Marked Tree, Poinsett County, Arkansas.

This channel maintenance is important because over time channels naturally fill in with sediment, reducing its drainage capacity. Reduced drainage capacity can lead to flooding and present a potential risk to nearby property and communities.

Our much-appreciated local partner on the project is Drainage District 7. The members of the PDT are Jairus Stroupe (project manager); Jeremy Ruffell (technical lead); Cody Isbell (geotechnical); Ashley Evens (hydraulics and hydrology); J.R. Holloway (construction); Chris Billingsley (survey); Mark Smith (environmental); Damon McDermott (regulatory); Brian Johnson (real estate); and Gilbert Chonje (contracting).

Congratulations to the team.