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Far East District
Published Sept. 17, 2020
Interior of the CPS Tunnel

Interior of the CPS Tunnel

AFH050.S2 Command General Officer’s Housing

AFH050.S2 Command General Officer’s Housing

If you were to ask a person to define the job of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), the answers you received would be as unique as the individuals in your sample. We took this question to a small group of people ranging from active-duty Soldiers to restauranteurs and stay at home moms. Here are some of the answers we received.

  1. Build things! Roads!
  2. They oversee the protection of the USA.
  3. A special group within the Army responsible for overseeing any electrical, mechanical, or construction work on base.
  4. Dredge rivers and maintain levees, overseeing the construction and maintenance on military reservations
  5. Have no idea. Is it dealing with weaponry?
  6. Overseeing engineering projects in the USA.

Each response is at least partly correct. However, we’d like to clear up the mystery around the duties and responsibilities of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is a stellar team who strengthens our nations’ security by building and maintaining infrastructure. For example, during the Korean War engineers built and destroyed bridges and enemy facilities to impede the opposition’s advancements. They built defensive lines, rebuilt ports and frequently fought as part of the infantry. This means that to some point, our respondents who said the Corps does deals with weaponry and oversees the protection of the United States were correct.

Additionally, USACE Far East District constructed buildings are where servicemembers train, work, and live. The evidence of the Corps’ presence as Camp Humphreys continues to grow is undeniable. Additional housing facilities have become necessary as more and more families arrive or are relocated to the installation. To meet this need, the Far East District oversaw the placement of 15,873,282.877 pounds (7,200,000 kilograms) of concrete for the Camp Humphreys Family Housing Towers. A project that when completed, will be a 216-bedroom unit for servicemembers and their families.

The Far East District also builds military facilities, and researches and develops technology for the contingency environment. Check out last month’s article on the Corps’ training and use of ENFIRE technology. This tool is used to conduct recon in a contingency environment. In fact, those articles highlight the efficient way in which the District operates to incorporate new technology into its praxis. The FED worked with the 11th Engineers to train a group of engineers, geologists, and other specialists on a new technology and within two weeks, that same team was employing their knowledge in the field while training others.

The US Army Corps of Engineers is an organization comprised of focused professionals and multidisciplinary teams, committed to delivering quality engineering solutions to their customers and stakeholders. Their team of highly trained experts use their individual areas of expertise to deliver vital public and engineering services to the Korean peninsula. Partnering in peace and war, the US Army Corps of Engineers works with area businesses to energize the local economy and reduce risks from disasters. As a result of this trust and value-based relationship, the Far East District has established itself as Korea’s engineering agency of choice.