Corps welcomes NRC sea-level rise study

Published June 22, 2012

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers welcomes the National Research Council report, "Sea-Level Rise for the Coasts of California, Oregon, And Washington:  Past, Present and Future," that was released June 22, 2012.

The Corps of Engineers joined the U.S. Geological Service, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the states of California, Oregon and Washington through the West Coast Governors' Alliance on Ocean Health in asking the National Research Council to develop sea level rise projections specific to the West Coast.  The resulting report was prepared by the NRC’s “Committee on Sea Level Rise in California, Oregon, and Washington”.

"We welcome this latest NRC product, which updates its 1987 report on sea level rise," said Steve Stockton, director of the Corps of Engineers Civil Works program.

"The report aligns well with Corps of Engineers guidance that recommends a multiple scenario approach when dealing with sea level rise," he said.

This report examines all aspects of relative sea level rise on the West Coast (including the movements of the land mass).  More than sea level, it addresses all the components of water level excursions at the coast and how they are changing.  This report begins to establish context for discussing the many phenomena impacting the coast.

The NRC report can be found on the main NRC homepage.

Candice Walters

Release no. 12-010