DHA Job Announcement - Metal Worker Welder, Plant Section

Memphis District
Published Sept. 8, 2020


Certain Competitive Service Positions covered by Section 9905 

Opening and Closing Dates:  09/08 - 09/14 

Position Title:  Metal Worker Welder 

Series/Grade:  WG-3801-11 

Full Performance Level:  WG-11 

Duty Location:  Official Duty Station is the Ensley Engineer Yard 

Hourly Salary Range:  $27.15- $31.64 

Work Schedule:  Full-Time 

Appointment Type:  Permanent 

Travel Requirement:   Up to 3 to 4 months continuous per season

Who May Apply:  U.S. Citizens 

Responsibilities/Duties:  MAJOR DUTIES 

Is a nonsupervisory employee assigned to the Metal Working Shop at a marine and earth moving equipment repair and maintenance facility responsible for the fabrication, modification, repair, assembly, and installation of various types of metal and alloy parts, equipment, systems, and structures such as dredges, towboats, barges, tractors, cranes, derrickboats, draglines, quarterboats, bouys, buildings,etc. Work assignments are carried out in the shop, aboard vessels, and at field installations. 

1.    Performs the required planning, layout and fitting work involved in the construction, maintenance and repair of equipment and structures.
2.    Performs sheet metal work including roofs, siding, ventilators, stove pipes, etc.
3.    Performs journeyman welding using both arc and acetylene welding equipment.

Schedule:  During Daylight Savings Months, typically March through October, this position works four 10-hour days each week beginning on Mondays. During the rest of the year, the work week consists of five 8-hour days beginning on Mondays. 

Conditions of Employment & Notes: 

  • This position is covered by the civilian drug abuse testing program. Incumbent is required to sign a da form 5019-R, "Condition of Employment for certain civilian positions identified as critical under the drug abuse testing program," or a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). 
  • Must wear proper safety equipment when working in potentially hazardous situations; i.e.,  gloves, safety boots, goggles, hearing protection, life jackets, etc.
  • Must be able to obtain 3G, 4G Flux Core, and 6G SMAW welding certifications and successfully pass fitter skills test prior to employment.
  • Employee may be required to serve up to 3 to 4 months continuous deployments per season. This could entail working away from home, on the river or other places for 3 to 4 months straight year after year.
  • Must pass physical examination and drug screening test
  • Reasonable accommodation is available to qualified employees with disabilities
  • Two year probationary period is required.

How to Apply:  Please provide your current resume, must be readable [preferably .pdf]

1)    Via Email: to: Kevin.J.Woods@usace.army.mil, and copy
2)    Please ensure your email has the following subject line: Direct Hire of Metalworker Welder, Plant Section, WG-3801
3)    Application packages will be accepted through 11:59pm CT on 9/14/2020

Application packages that are received after the closing date, or do not contain a resume will not be considered. 

Disclaimer:  You are about to provide personal data.  By completing this online application, you are authorizing the US Army Engineer Memphis District to use this data in the recruiting, application, and selection process

Release no. 20-063