20-047 Corps to close parts of Lewiston Levee Trail for maintenance

Published Sept. 4, 2020

Lewiston, ID. – Parts of the Lewiston Levee Trail near Clearwater landing will be closed on Sept. 10 to accommodate asphalt maintenance work, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers officials announced today.

Lower Granite Natural Resource Management maintenance staff will apply a seal coat to the trail. While work is in progress, the area, restroom, and parking lots located on the Lewiston Levee Bypass will be temporarily closed to visitors and vehicles. The temporary closure is needed to ensure the work crew has safe access to the entire area, and to protect visitors and their vehicles from seal-coat overspray.

“The asphalt maintenance will prolong the asphalt’s durability and, in the long-run, save money on more-costly repairs, by preventing minor cracks and potholes from developing into bigger problems,” Megan Innes, Assistant Natural Resource Manager at Natural Resource Management Office, said.

For more information about this maintenance project or other nearby recreation opportunities, please contact the Natural Resource Management Office at 509-751-0250. Follow Lower Granite Lock and Dam on Facebook for breaking-news announcements at https://www.facebook.com/LowerGraniteDam.


Release no. 20-118