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Posted 4/7/2015

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By Jo Anita Miley
U.S. Engineering and Support Center Huntsville

Kites and electricity may sound like Ben Franklin to some. But now, instead of using a kite to prove electricity is in the sky or collect electricity in a jar, employees from the U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center Huntsville's Energy Team are using kites to show students how they can harness wind and convert the kinetic energy into electricity.

Installation Support and Programs Management Directorate employees, Sharon Gresham, Alonzo Fairley, Wesley Malone, Casey Helton, Priya Desai and Tonnie Drummond, all celebrated Annual Kite Day with students in kindergarten through sixth grade at Rolling Hills Elementary School by teaching students the dynamics of wind technology during their physical education classes April 3.

The Energy team used the opportunity to give students a feel for what the Huntsville Center does for the Army and the nation with an emphasis on energy programs. Their goal was to reach out to local students with an activity that correlates with the work they do on the Energy team.

Cheryl Barnes, physical education teacher at Rolling Hills School, said the event was a success because Corps employees mentored the students and introduced them to wind technology concepts and alternative energy.

"Let me introduce you to my friend from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Wesley Malone. He is an energy expert who knows a lot about energy saving programs that can save the Army money," Barnes said. "He also knows a lot about how the wind works and is the best kite flyer in the world!"