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Levee in Lee County, Arkansas to be resurfaced

Memphis District Public Affairs Office
Published Aug. 4, 2020
Levee in Lee County, Arkansas to be resurfaced

IN THE PHOTO, trucks hauling gravel arrive on-site for a levee resurfacing project.

The Arkansas Levee Gravel Resurfacing Project Delivery Team (PDT) celebrated reaching their project’s Contract Award milestone on July 28. They awarded the $2,631,978 contract to Polk & Associates LLC which will resurface approximately 21 miles of the mainline Mississippi River Levee in Lee County, Arkansas. This maintenance of the levee’s crown provides safe and reliable access for vehicles and monitoring levee conditions.

Our much-appreciated local Partner, an important part of our team, on this project is the St. Francis Levee District of Arkansas.

The Arkansas Levee Gravel Resurfacing PDT members are Project Manager Jairus Stroupe, Technical Lead Bio Dambo, Cost Engineer Conrad Stacks, Biologist Jennifer Hiltonsmith, Contracting Specialist Latashia Muse, and Contract Officer Steve Austin.

Congratulations Team!