Afghanistan SIV/P2 Requests Complete

HQ Public Affairs Office
Published March 9, 2022


USACE has finished processing all requests for employment verification letters. If you contacted USACE and did NOT receive confirmation that your case was referred to the Department of State, please follow the instructions below for assistance.  


Special Immigrant Visa Process 


If you are an Afghan National who worked in support of the US Government for at least 365 days, you must apply for a Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) at   

Important notes:  

  1. USACE cannot provide Letters of Recommendation.  

  1. USACE cannot provide contact information for its employees or its affiliates.  

  1. USACE cannot contact your supervisor on your behalf. 

  1. USACE cannot provide a status update on your pending SIV case.  Please contact the Department of State. 

  1. USACE cannot assist with evacuation requests. 



U.S. Refugee Admissions Program (P2) Referral Process 


 If you are an Afghan National who worked in support of the US Government for LESS than 365 days, you may be eligible for a US Refugee Admission Program (P2) Referral.   

Step 1:  Complete the USACE SIV-P2 Request Form found here.  

Step 2:  Send your USACE SIV-P2 Form and your supporting documents to  

This mailbox is for P2 Referrals ONLY.  All other emails will be deleted without being read. 

Please include your dates of employment in the body of your email.  Do not attach zip files or send attachments in multiple emails.  Each attachment should be clearly labeled.  Incomplete emails will not be processed.         

Required P2 Referral documents: 

  1. USACE SIV-P2 Request Form (You can find the form here.) 

  1. HR letter that includes the following: 

  • Employee’s name 

  • Contractor Name 

  • Contractor DUNS Number (Look up your DUNS number here.) 

  • Dates of employment 

  • Job duties 

  • Contract number(s)          

  1. P2 Referral Form in Excel (You can find the form here.

Supporting documents might include: 

  1. Copies of passports and/or tazkera 

  1. Photos of badges or access passes 

  1. Pay stub copy from your employer 

Important notes:  

  1. P2 Referrals are only for Afghans who worked less than 365 days.  You CANNOT apply for a P2 referral if you meet the criteria for a Special Immigrant Visa. 

  1. Current processing time for  USACE to refer your case to the Department of State  is up to 12 months.  

  1. There is no resettlement processing in Afghanistan.  If/when Principal Applicants and their families make the difficult choice to leave Afghanistan, they will need to arrange and pay for their own travel to a third country.  Applicants should expect to support themselves in the third country for potentially 12-24 months. 

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