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Mission, Goals and Objectives

A)  Provide direction on professional development and career progression for Department of the Army (DA) Engineers and Scientists (E&S) (Resources & Construction) CP-18 from intern and entry levels through Senior Executive Service (SES)/Leading Scientific/Technical Expert (STE). The CP-18 Plan will serve as a valuable planning and professional development tool. The Career Plan will show a logical progression in personal and career development by assisting the careerist in setting achievable goals and then devising strategies to achieve those goals.


B) Provide contemporary Master Training and Master Intern Training Plans that reflect progressive career patterns, thus allowing maximum opportunity for all careerists to advance and to perform at their highest capability. The Master Training Plan is a comprehensive outline of training and developmental requirements from entry level through appointment to SES/STE positions. Functional requirements for each level are based upon competencies identified by job analyses of CP-18 positions and recommendations by training officials. The Master Intern Training Plan outlines the training and development in the core competencies that DA E&S CP-18 (Resources & Construction) interns should accrue by the time they reach their target grade.


C) Encourage the use of the Individual Development Plan (IDP) in career development. The IDP is a written plan that is to be followed to prepare the intern or careerist for target level performance. The IDP is used to facilitate planning, development of short- and long-term career goals, identification of developmental objectives, selection and participation in training and developmental assignments, and periodic reevaluation of goals, objectives, and training needs. Individual Development Plans should be completed and updated at least annually.


D) Establish a highly responsive system, through which all forms of professional development are achieved, that will ensure that essential managerial and technical training and development are systematically made available to DA E&S CP-18 (Resources & Construction) careerists.


E) Expand the capabilities of DA E&S (Resources & Construction) careerists by broadening their scope of work and responsibilities so that the Army maintains a world-class workforce of engineers, scientists, and technicians.


F) Expand interaction with business, industry, academia, and other governmental professional development programs to continuously improve these programs at all locations for all DA E&S (Resources & Construction) careerists. Provide guidance and counseling on a variety of leadership and management development activities, including mentoring of employees.