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Installation Support

Members of the Installation Support Community provide solutions to America’s installations.  We have developed and we currently maintain an effective and valued USACE installation support capability that contributes to the success of Army (and Department of Defense) installations at all levels. 

Programs and Support

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Army's Commercial Utilities Program (ACUP)
USACE manages and executes the Army's Commercial Utilities Program (ACUP) under the direction of the Assistant Secretary of the Army, Installations and Environment (ASA, I&E).  We promote: the procurement of utility services to encourage energy efficiency; competitive procurement of reliable utilities at a fair market price; the procurement of utility services which reduce our dependency on fossil fuels and increase the use of clean, renewable energy; the reduction of energy inefficiencies; and the optimization of environmental benefits. 

Energy Governance Council (EGC)
The Energy Governance Council oversees and coordinates all energy activities throughout USACE and the office of the Chief of Engineers.  Its mission is to provide an enterprise-management perspective to USACE energy operations.  The EGC provides an executive-level forum for HQ, USACE to identify and discuss the full range of USACE energy capabilities, such as, synchronizing USACE activities, maintaining a common- operating picture of energy-related activities, and identifying, championing, and exploiting initiatives in support of the Army.  In addition, the ECG provides a holistic approach to meeting the significant challenge of safe, reliable, affordable, and constant energy to army installations.

Liaison with AFCEE (Air Force Center for Engineering and the Environment), AFMED (Air Force Medical Command), ARNORTH (US Army, North), ARSOUTH (US Army, South), IMCOM (Installation Management Command), and MEDCOM (US Army Medical Command).

This branch deals with centrally-funded, non-reimbursable, installation-support services per paragraph 2-31 of AR 420-1, Army Facilities Management.

Its teams include:

Direct-Funded, Installation-Support Programs (BUDGET)

  • Direct/checkbook funding of installations in support of installation-support missions at Installation Management Command (IMCOM) and army garrisons for multiple activities on a garrison or for multiple garrisons.  (e.g. Utility, rate-intervention cases.)
  • Program Management Forwards at power-projection and power-support garrisons serving as the garrison’s one door to the Corps to focus USACE support to public-works managers and to elevate mutual concerns and issues to the appropriate USACE activity for assistance.
  • Installation Support managers at Divisions, Labs and Centers to regionally integrate all available installation-support assets as required.
  • Liaison Officers established thru negotiation between IMCOM & USACE to  ensure that army garrisons receive the best engineering support across the entire spectrum of USACE activities. 

Commercial Utilities & Rate Intervention (CURI) - Upon delegation of authority from the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics and Technology (ASA, ALT), the Chief of Engineers (COE) is the Army Power Procurement Officer and the Army Staff (ARSTAF) element responsible for the Commercial Utilities Program. USACE, on behalf of the COE, is responsible for the administration of the purchase and sale of utility services and for policies, engineering, rates, and legal sufficiency in connection with all utility services transactions and contracts in which the Army has a monetary interest.

Public Works Digest (PWD) - A bi-monthly magazine, funded by the Installation Management Command (IMCOM), keeps the Army's Installation Public Works Community informed of corporate goals, priorities, and innovations while providing an avenue for sharing information and ideas. This publication is managed and edited through the Installation Support Branch of the IS-CoP.

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) Facility Sustainment, Restoration, and Modernization (FSRM) - The Installation Support Community of Practice (IS-CoP) is the National Account Manager for USACE execution of the ARRA/FSRM Program.  The program includes seven funded Operation and Maintenance (O&M) appropriations: 

    1. 21-2022 Active Army,
    2. 21-0726 Army Family Housing,
    3. 21-2081 Army Reserve,
    4. 21-2066 Army National Guard,
    5. 57-3404 Active Air Force,
    6. 57-0748 Air Force Family Housing, and
    7. 97-0150 DOD TRICARE Management Activity

Training Resource Arbitration Panel (TRAP) & Relocatable Buildings Program (RLB)

  • USACE reimbursable supports Installation Management Command (IMCOM) installations and Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) as part of the TRAP annual decision process to meet temporary facility requirements for training missions. IMCOM, Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management (ACSIM), TRADOC & Army Installations/Department of Public Works (DPW) are customers.
  • TRAP/RLB is currently engaged in corporate-level management, communications, and coordination of installation requirements through Monthly Video/Teleconferences with TRADOC, IMCOM, Installation DPWs. Additionally, USACE Headquarters, in concert with Resource Management, and Major Subordinate Commands (MSC) provide technical and administrative support for military and civilian customers to acquire temporary RLBs.

Installation Support (IS) Training Needs - The Installation Support Branch develops training courses in public-works subject areas in conjunction with the USACE Learning Center (ULC).  The Installation Support Branch provides corporate oversight and input into the validation of existing courses, developing and refining the existing curriculum. 

The Programs Branch is responsible for certain, reimbursable Army & Department of Defense (DOD) programs which support installations.

Programming Administration & Execution System (PAX)/Construction Appropriation Programming, Control & Execution System (CAPCES) 
PAX is a database, supported by the Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management (ACSIM), and with a congressional linkage, allowing for the development and submission of installation projects fulfilling operational and logistical requirements. These projects are, then, compiled and reviewed at a programmatic level in preparation for the Army’s funding request to congress.

PAX is a database, supported by the Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management (ACSIM), and with a congressional linkage, allowing for the development and submission of installation projects fulfilling operational and logistical requirements. These projects are, then, compiled and reviewed at a programmatic level in preparation for the Army’s funding request to congress.

Defense Critical Infrastructure Program (DCIP) 
DCIP is a Department of Defense (DOD) risk-management program which seeks to ensure the availability of networked assets critical to DOD mission-fulfillment.  The Public Works (PW) sector, as one of ten, DOD, infrastructure sectors, is charged with mission-assurance for the real property (land, buildings, and utilities) associated with the support, generation, production, and transportation of commodities (electric power, oil, natural gas, water, and sewer) and emergency services for and to DOD users. USACE is the Defense Infrastructure Sector Lead Agent for this sector. 

Services and Infrastructure Core Enterprise (SICE)
SICE is an Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management (ACSIM)-funded program seeking to establish resiliency campuses at various installations in order to address mind, body, and spirit so that soldiers can deploy and come home in the same condition in which they left.

Master-Planning applies a 20-year time horizon to develop standards for military, installation master-planning and area-development plans based upon professional, urban-planning principles and practices.  The team also conducts training regarding these standards for garrison commanders and for the Installation Management Command (IMCOM) and USACE planning professionals

Combat Readiness Support Team (CRST) 
CRST looks at changes to tactics, organizations, and weapons for immediate & long-range (beyond 20 yrs.) time horizons, in coordination with Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management (ACSIM), the army’s G-3 and G-4, to develop facility standards which will accommodate the operational and the logistical requirements of the Operational Army and the Institutional Army in Continental U.S. (CONUS) and Outside the Continental U.S. (OCONUS).

Huntsville Center of Expertise (ISCX) 
The U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville, AL, supports very specialized missions that require unique technical expertise in programs that are generally national or very broad in scope.

In particular, as the Corps' ISCX, Huntsville, in conjunction with the IS-CoP, partners with USACE districts and labs in support of public-works business processes and systems and training and contingency support. This includes, but is not limited to: conforming storage facilities; intrusion detection systems; utility monitoring and control systems; range and training lands management; privatization and competitive sourcing; facility operation, maintenance, repair, and rehabilitation; fire protection; furniture and furnishings; and environmental planning.


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