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Posted 4/16/2012

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By J.D. Hardesty
Afghanistan Engineer District-North

KHOST PROVINCE, Afghanistan —The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Afghanistan Engineer District-North teamed with the Afghanistan National Police and the Afghanistan-based Emar-D-Sarey Construction Company, to build a border police station in the Khost Provincial village of Terezayi by overcoming logistical and security issues. The station improves the living and working facilities for Afghan police serving along this portion of the Pakistan border.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Afghanistan Engineer District-North recently completed construction of a police border patrol station along the Pakistan border.

The $4.6 million project represents more than just building a safe and secure Afghanistan, it epitomizes the Corps team of professionals' work ethic, dedication and wherewithal to build critical capacity, stability and security in Afghanistan.

The Khost Resident Office team managed the construction project to build the Afghanistan National Police, Border Police Company Headquarters in the village of Terezayi, Khost province.

Khost Resident Office is part of the Shank Area Office construction team, one of five such area offices spread across the Afghanistan Engineer District-North's northern Afghanistan footprint.

Completed, March 3, the Terezayi compound (one of six compounds located in Khost province), was built by Afghanistan-based Emar-D-Sarey Construction Company, in a little over three years. The construction company and the Corps team had to overcoming logistical issues and rocket attacks from insurgents to complete this difficult project located near the Pakistan border.

According to Khost Resident Engineer, Ben Neely, "getting logistical materials to the site was difficult as several drivers, guards and trucks were lost during material transport."

Constructed in one of the high risk areas which experiences rocket and mortar attacks, the recently completed compound will provides Afghanistan Border Police quality living and working facilities from which to increase the security and safety of the Terezayi region.

The Afghanistan Engineer District-North, headquartered in Kabul, is one of the Transatlantic Division's two districts in Afghanistan managing construction projects on behalf of host governments, Defense Department agencies and non-Defense federal agencies. The district, its five area offices comprised of military service members, deployed civilian volunteers, private contractors and local Afghan workers, serve as the primary organization building army bases, police stations, roads, airstrips and other infrastructure, while providing critical capacity building, stability and security while supporting U.S. and coalition forces in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and the Global War on Terrorism in Afghanistan.