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Posted 6/27/2012

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By William Scott Farrow
U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center Huntsville

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Recent visits from the deputy commanding general of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and two senior executive service members provided the Huntsville Center with opportunities to promote its ability to play major roles in the Army's Energy Campaign Plan.

Within a span of two weeks the Center received visits from Maj. Gen. Todd Semonite, Mark Mazzanti, chief of the Programs Integration Division for Civil Works at USACE headquarters, and Dr. Christine Altendorf, chief of the headquarters Environmental Division.

However, a chance to meet with more than 40 USACE civil works program managers attending a civil works programming class at the USACE Learning Center may be just as productive in spreading the word about Huntsville Center's capabilities in the energy arena.

While attending the course here in Huntsville, the program managers took a few hours to visit the Center and receive a capabilities brief and more specifically, briefings on the Center's Energy Division programs.

The Energy Division's specific programs are the Energy Savings Performance Contracting, Energy Engineering Analysis Program, Resource Efficiency Manager Program, Army Metering Program, Commercial Utility Program and Energy Conservation Investment Program.

"The purpose was to give them a feel for what the Center does for the Army and the nation with an emphasis on our energy programs," said Wade Doss, Installation Support and Programs Management Directorate's Facilities Division chief.

Doss said any time he can highlight the Center's energy programs it's an opportunity to tell people about how those programs can save the Army and the Department of Defense money, as well as help other government agencies save money and resources.

"There are so many opportunities for the Center to support the civil works side of USACE. It just makes sense to share and emulate what we are doing for the Army with our fellow USACE entities." Doss said.

He said reaching the people working America's water resource development activities, flood risk management, navigation, recreation, and infrastructure and environmental stewardship at the USACE district levels is beneficial and a step toward possibly forging future working relationships.

JoAnn Combs, a program analyst in the Huntington District's project management department, said she found Huntsville Center's energy mission very interesting and possibly useful for her district's future. "I was really impressed with the work going on in the Energy Division," she said.

"I work a lot with the Department of Energy so I think having a better understanding of Huntsville Center's capabilities in the energy arena is something I'll can take back [to Huntington.]"