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Posted 6/5/2012

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By JC Delgadillo
San Francisco District

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. -- Memorial Day may have passed, but U.S. Army Corps of Engineers San Francisco District Commander Lt. Col. Torrey DiCiro hosted several wounded warriors for some recreational therapy aboard The Dillard, one of the San Francisco District's vessels, May 29.

The group toured the San Francisco Bay, saw famous engineering icons including the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz and learned about the district's many missions, including keeping the bay navigable and safe.

Veterans from a Department of Veterans Affairs traumatic brain injury center in Martinez, Calif. and members of the board of directors of the Monterey Bay Veterans, a non-profit group whose mission is to provide wounded warriors marine diversion therapy programs, also participated.

DiCiro met with various generations of wounded warriors who served in conflicts including World War II, Vietnam, Afghanistan and even veterans injured in basic training, like Chanel Ridley. At age 20, Ridley was injured during a training accident that resulted in a traumatic brain injury. She participates in recreational therapy as part of her healing and recovery process.

"It's wonderful to get a break and just come out on a boat and tour the bay. It has been amazing, I've never been out on the bay like this before and I appreciate all of it, the bridges, Alcatraz, everything," said Ridley.

The district plans future opportunities to partner with veterans groups and recreational therapy programs where possible.