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Posted 6/5/2012

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By J.D. Hardesty
Afghanistan Engineer District-North

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers contracting officials awarded more than $200 million in construction and service contracts across the 21-province Afghanistan Engineer District-North footprint in May, a total value of $381.89 million investment in security and infrastructure projects over the past three months.

The largest May contract - $120 million - was awarded to Virginia-based Global Integrated Strategies for reconstruction security support services. The contract has a one-year base performance period with three one-year options which, if all options were exercised, could carry the contract to May 2016 and be valued at $480 million.

Construction contracts will fund projects to improve lighting at Bagram Air Base; expand kandak troop housing and support for the Afghanistan National Army (ANA); provide electrical power to the detention facility in Parwan; build a provincial Response Company for the Afghanistan National Police (ANP); build a fire precinct in Jalalabad; a fire department in Pul-e Alam, Asadabad, and in Bamyan and Ghazni provinces; a police headquarters in Dowlat Shah, Herjan and Sayghan districts; and to relocate the Afghan Ministry of Interior Biometerics Center.

The largest construction contract awarded in May was by the Corps of Engineeers' New York District. The $28.3 million contract was awarded May 11 to Kabul-based BCC-ZAAZTC Group to construct an Infantry Kandak and all supporting infrastructure to support more than 800 personnel for the ANA in Sharana District, Paktika Province. The performance period is 20 months.

Additionally, five smaller construction contracts which totaled $1.51 million were awarded for water towers, water wells, dining facility wood cook stoves and similar operation and maintenance construction in Laughman, Kabul, Khost, Samangan andTakhar provinces.

Afghanistan Engineer District-North, one of three Transatlantic Division engineering districts supporting Corps of Engineer construction projects in the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia, provides construction management and contract oversight for the projects. American and NATO allies continue to train and invest in Afghan National Security Forces, which will take control of any combat next summer, with NATO and U.S. forces transitioning into a support role in summer of 2013.

Other contracts awarded include:
• The Network Control Center and area lighting project at Bagram Air Base in Baghlan Province was awarded May 18 for $9.39 million to CH2M Hill Constructors, Inc., based in Virginia. Performance period is 10 months.
• The Afghan National Army 203 Infantry Kandak garrison expansion in Ghazni Province was awarded May 11 to New York-based Futuristic Construction Company for $8.55 million. Performance period is 18 months.
• A new permanent power utility upgrade and electrical distribution contract for phases one and two of the Detention Facility in Parwan at Bagram Air Base in Baghlan Province was awarded May 8 for $6.93 million to Atlanta-based Inglett and Stubbs, International, Ltd. The firm provided prime power distribution for USACE projects in Iraq. Performance period for installation is three-months with five options written into the contract.
• Construction of the ANP Provincial Response Company in Mehterlan District, Laghman Province was awarded May 2 to Sadath Business Group, Ltd., a construction and logistic services company based in Kabul for $4.15 million. Period of performance is 16 months.
• Precinct 2 Fire Department at Jalalabad, Nangarhar Province was awarded May 29 to Sadath Business Group for $3.39 million. Period of performance is 16 months.
• A Class-B Fire Department at Pul-e Alam in Logar Province was awarded May 29 to Herai Alpha Construction Consultancy and Engineering Company for $3.34 million.
• A Class-B Fire Department in Bamyan Province was awardedMay 18 to Kabul-based Jamal Aziz Construction and Engineering Company for $3.29 million. Performance period is 18 months.
• A Fire Department for Asadabad Distict in Kunar Province was awarded May 24 to Sadath Business Group, Ltd., for $3 million. Performance period for completion is 15 months.
• A Class-B Fire Department in Ghazni Province was awarded May 30 to Afghan Builders Consortium for $2.77 million. Afghan Builders Consortium is based in Kabul. Performance period for construction is 18 months.
• ANP Uniform Police District Headquarters in Dowlat Shah in Laghman Province was awarded May 30 to Urban Builders Group for $1.82 million. The performance period is one year.
• A Uniformed Police District Headquarters in Herjan District, Baghlan Province, was awarded May 21to Kamal Baba Construction and Production Materials for $1.67 million. The performance period is 13 months.
• An ANP Uniformed Police District Headquarters at Sayghan District in Bamyan Province was awarded May 15 to Sadath Business Group. The performance period is 15 months.
• A contract was awarded May 16 to Afghanistan Rehabilitation and Architecture Organization to relocate the Afghanistan Ministry of Interior Biometrics Center for $1.40 million. Performance period is four months.

The Corps of Engineers is the primary organization building military bases, police stations, roads, air strips and other infrastructure projects in Afghanistan to increase the country's stability, security and economy.

The Afghanistan Engineer District-North and its five area offices manage more than $10 billion in construction projects spread across the districts 21-provincial operating footprint in northern Afghanistan in the past three years.

In addition to providing ANSF training facilities, border stations, barracks, dining facilities and other quality of life infrastructure, the district implemented a capacity development program, which creates business opportunities as evidenced by the Afghan-based construction firms receiving contract awards. The impact directly supports coalition counterinsurgency objectives while simultaneously increasing security and stability across northern Afghanistan.

Beyond construction management, the district also supports Coalition Forces counterinsurgency efforts to 32 Provincial Reconstruction Teams by providing embedded USACE engineers armed with the expertise to support the NATO-led efforts within the northern part of the country -- Regional Command-East, Regional Command-North and Regional Command-Capital.