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Posted 3/2/2012

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By Stephen Rochette
Philadelphia District

TRENTON, New Jersey — The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Philadelphia District and the City of Trenton are working to restore part of the Assunpink Creek ecosystem.

The 25 mile-long creek drains approximately 91 square miles in central New Jersey. The project is located in downtown Trenton where the creek is contained in a concrete box culvert. The Army Corps is developing plans to "daylight" the stream.

The day lighting of the stream occurs through removal of the culvert structure, allowing the stream to be exposed to natural sunlight. The resulting open channel design will improve anadromous fish migration, as low-light conditions can disorient migrating fish, hindering their ability to spawn upstream.

The goals of the project are to restore migratory fish habitat, enhance recreational opportunities, and improve the overall stream ecology of Assunpink Creek. The Corps is currently working with state and local partners on the plans and permitting process.