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Fire Island, N.Y. - Close quarters and narrow egress paths make for challenging debris removal following the destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy. The Corps continues to work with all of its federal, state and local partners as we support the townships on Fire Island in their recovery effort.
Fire Island debris
1/16/2013 3:43:00 PM
How the Corps is reducing risk in New Orleans. Comprehensive information on the Hurricane and Storm Damage Risk Reduction System, which is comprised of The System is comprised of numerous features including levees, floodwalls, floodgates, surge barriers and pump stations.
New Orleans Hurricane & Storm Damage Risk Reduction
8/29/2012 9:31:00 AM
During this 2012 drought season, USACE has published guidance to coordinate a collective Common Operating Picture to monitor ongoing impacts on navigation, identified critical river gages as key monitors for navigation, and implemented Waterway Action Plans. In addition, USACE employs designated assets, such as dredges and survey boats, to prevent and mitigate impacts to navigation and critical works infrastructure. USACE is currently dredging in locations along the Upper Mississippi River, Lower Mississippi River, and the Ohio and Missouri Rivers. Additional locations will be dredged as river stages continue to fall.
USACE Role in 2012 Drought
8/24/2012 4:13:00 PM
OSCAR, Ky. — Kentucky National Guard members Pfc. David Barrow, Spc. Tommy Wyatt and Pvt. Cedric Bransford, 2113th Transportation Company, assist local residents in flood relief mission here, April 27, 2011.
Guard members assist flood victim
1/27/2012 1:39:00 PM