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National Levee Database

Screenshot from the National Levee Database

It Starts with Information

The National Levee Database is a dynamic, searchable inventory of information about levees, and a key resource supporting decisions and actions affecting levee safety.  It provides information about the location and condition of levees and floodwalls, displayed in an easy-to-use map interface, as well as reports, inspection summaries, and other records.  It includes detailed information about the levees in the Levee Safety Program, as well as a growing library of available information on levees outside of the USACE program.

Using the Database

The map-based interface is easy to use.  You can enter a zip code and receive a listing of levees nearby, or see a map showing the levee and the leveed area.  You can also view the levee data in combination with other Geographic Information Systems data, including real-time data from sources such as stream gauges and weather radar.

Try it out!!


National Levee Database Brochure An informative overview of what the database is and what the maps show.