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2022 Announcements

USACE Launches New Version of Time Series Toolbox on Amazon Web Services Cloud

The USACE Climate Preparedness and Resilience (CPR) Community of Practice (CoP) is launching a new version of the Time Series Toolbox (TST) on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.

Incorporating previous versions of the TST and Nonstationarity Detection Tool, the latest version of TST, enables users to perform a streamlined analysis of time series data, including both user uploaded data and preloaded stage and instantaneous peak streamflow data. Without programming expertise, users can select one of these data sources and deploy streamlined analysis pipelines to uncover previously hidden data patterns with statistical assessments, such as seasonality decomposition and nonstationary detection. This version also incorporates new features, such as in-depth breakpoint assessment and greater time series modeling customization options.  

Users can access the new TST version at