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USACE Releases a Review on Floods and Nonstationarity

The US Army Corps of Engineers Institute for Water Resources, in cooperation with academics from the University of Iowa and Tufts University, along with Abt Associates and the Bureau of Reclamation, has prepared this report to address the stationarity assumption and discuss how that assumption should be considered when attempting to accurately characterize flood risk.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) manages critical hydrologic infrastructure across the United States, including reservoirs, locks, dams, and levees. To effectively plan, design, operate, and maintain this infrastructure, an accurate characterization of flood risk is essential. Recent research has suggested that the stationarity assumption, which has stood as a critical basis for traditional approaches in this field, may lack fidelity. Though the stationarity assumption suggests that hydrologic processes are stationary through time, nonstationarities of various forms have been uncovered in historical, hydrological data. This has forced researchers and planners to take nonstationarities into account as they move forward with critical activities.

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