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Workshop Presentations and Summaries, August 2015

Monday August 25, 2015

0830 - 0915 Overview Climate Science to Engineering Operations for Watershed Management

0915 - 1030 CCAWWG Agency Representatives Review Use of the 2011 "Long-term Doc" In Their Climate Change Preparedness and Resilience Work

1045 - 1145 Faciliated Discussion of Agency Uses of 2011 Long-term Document with CCAWWG Agency Panelists: What Worked? What Still Needs Attention? What's New or Needs Adding?

1145 - 1245 First Overview: Science Relevant to the 2011 Long-term Document

1400 - 1500 Second Overview Science Relevant to the 2011 Long-term Document

1630 - 1700 Summary and Discussion of Day 1

Tuesday-Wednesday August 26-27, 2015

Breakout groups discussed needs and opportunities in four Breakout Themes:

  1. Changes in Basin Hydroclimate
  2. Changes in Wet Weather Extremes
  3. Effects at Coasts and Shorelines
  4. Effects in Aquatic Ecosystems

Summaries by Breakout Group (integrating perspectives shared across the themes)

Summaries by Theme (integrating perspectives heard from all breakout groups)