Reserve Support to Disasters

The RESDRO program manages the volunteer pool that on-order augments the work force of the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) during Stafford Act Emergencies. Reserve Soldiers in the pool are then matched against USACE emergency needs by their skills, and have agreed to serve under temporary voluntary activation when called.

The RESDRO program provides a structure for Corps of Engineers Subordinate Commands (SC) to request and receive assistance when skill and/or personnel requirements are not available within the active command.

Criteria Checklist / Downloadable Forms:

Online Training: Training required for all RESDRO Missions (The Basics + Debris & Roofing QA) is available at RESDRO Basic Relief Training.   Further recommended QA Training (required for Temporary Housing Mission) is available at Advanced RESDRO Relief Training.

As an Engineer Obstacle Bypass, RESDRO will provide CDs to personnel with slow internet connections.


  1. Download the forms (your choice of format) from the provided links, and send them, plus a 1-2 page resume, to the RESDRO Section via fax (202-761-0070) or email. (For Information Assurance, the RESDRO fax number, and receipt, can be verified by calling 202-761-4284.)
  2. TPU Soldiers call RESDRO re: the Travel Card application.
  3. Complete the basic training linked above, print the certificates, and fax or email them to the RESDRO section.  If you opt for further QA training, likewise print and send.