Employment Opportunities

Welcome to the Employment Opportunities part of the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Reemployed Annuitant Cadre (RAC) website.  The RAC, part of USACE’s Directorate of Contingency Operations, is actively seeking motivated Federal Civil Service retirees who are willing to return to work for USACE on an intermittent basis with no reduction in their annuity.  Created in 2005, in response to Hurricane Katrina, the RAC’s purpose is to provide readily available support in the event of natural or manmade disasters and for other important USACE missions.  While emergency response remains its highest priority, the RAC has become more active in providing temporary employee resources, on a reimbursable basis, for other USACE missions in recent years. 

All RAC positions are classified as General Schedule (GS) or Wage Grade (WG).  There are no WS, WD, Special Power Rate, or other type of Wage positions in the RAC.  Positions and pay offered is based on individual qualifications and experience (including recency of experience) as related to the needs of the program and USACE.  Each applicant’s employment history is reviewed on a case by case basis to determine eligibility.  There is no guarantee that the pay level offered will equal the pay of the pre-retirement position. 

In order to be eligible for the RAC you must meet the following qualifications.

  • Be a retired Federal Civil Service employee receiving an annuity from the Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund (CSRS or FERS) or a retired Non-Appropriated Fund (NAF) employee who elected to remain in CSRS or FERS and is receiving an annuity from the Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund

  • Note – The RAC is not limited to Army civilian annuitants.  Annuitants from other agencies may be considered if they demonstrate that they are eligible for appointment to a position with USACE, and meet the qualifying annuity requirements as described above.

You will not eligible for the RAO if any of the following apply.

  • You received a VSIP (Voluntary Separation Incentive Program) from any Federal agency in the past five years (Note - after one year the VSIP can be repaid if the annuitant wishes to be considered, but the full amount of the VSIP must be repaid before an individual can be appointed.
  • You have an appointment with another Federal agency.
  • You do not have appropriate civil service eligibility for non-competitive appointment. In rare cases, for shortage category positions, annuitants may be appointed through competitive DEU announcements.
  • You are retired from the uniformed services with no competitive service and annuity eligibility as outlined above.
  • You are currently employed as a contractor or as a member of FEMA’s ‘Cadre On-Call Response Employees’ (COREs) program.  

In order to be considered for the RAC you must also have a readily accessible personal email address.  A personal email address is required because most communication including deployment information and medical recertification is accomplished through home email accounts. It must be a primary, active account and not use filters to block mail from the RA Office. The email address should reflect professionalism and, if possible, include the employee’s name so it is easily recognizable by the RA Office staff.

If you are interested in becoming part of the RAC, have retired and received your final SF 50B,  have received your final Leave and Earnings statement showing that all accumulated leave has been paid  and meet the qualifications outlined above,  you can apply by emailing and indicating your interest in the program. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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No, you cannot apply.
You will need to provide a copy of the SF50B that you received after retirement and a current resume along with the other forms that will be emailed to you as part of an application package.
It generally takes 6-8 weeks to process an appointment after the application has been received, if the applicant responds promptly to all requests for information. It will take longer if there is a delay in response.
Yes, attorneys may be hired to work in the RAC but the procedures are different.  Please call 202-538-1757 or email if you are an attorney and interested in employment with the RAC.

All RAs are initially hired as temporary employees for a period of one year. After one year the appointment may be converted to a 4 year term appointment.  After the initial 4 year term appointment has been completed, employment may be extended by additional appointments.

The work schedule for Reemployed Annuitants is considered to be “intermittent”.  This means that employment is on an irregular or occasional basis, with hours or days of work not on a prearranged schedule.  This impacts benefits and entitlements of RAs as follows: 

  • They are paid only for those hours that they are in duty status and perform work.

  • They are not eligible for holiday premium pay or Sunday or night differential.

  • They are not entitled to Command authorized 59 minute leave.

  • They do not accrue annual or sick leave and may not use annual or sick leave.

  • They are not eligible for any other type of leave such as administrative leave.

  • They are not eligible to make retirement contributions.

Yes.  Due to the nature of the appointment RAs are subject to the following pay and benefits criteria:


  • They are excluded from coverage under CSRS and FERS

  • They pay into Social Security.  If younger than Full Retirement AGE (FRA) (depends on date of birth) and drawing Social Security RAs are subject to the Social security earnings test (Social Security may be offset by excess earnings).  For additional information refer to

  • They are excluded from Federal Employees Health Benefit coverage.  However, if it was taken into retirement, the normal premium will continue to be withheld from their annuity.

  • They cannot contribute to the Thrift Savings Plan

  • They do not establish or increase survivor benefit entitlements.