Medical Renewals

Everyone involved in the Reemployed Annuitant Cadre (RAC) is required to complete a Civil Emergency Medical Screening Questionnaire as part of the pre-employment process and once each year after becoming part of the program (more information below).  Results of previous medical clearances are not accepted. The Civil Emergency Medical Screening Questionnaire must be filled out honestly and completely and sent by the applicant/RA to the USACE contract medical provider, Washington Occupational Health Associates (WOHA) via  email ( or mailed to Washington Occupational Health Associates, 1140 19th St. NW, Suite 700, Washington, DC 20036.  This ensures that confidential medical information is seen only by authorized medical personnel.  The completed questionnaire is not to be sent to the RA Office staff.  WOHA will evaluate the contents of the medical screening questionnaire, determine fitness to deploy and fax the results to the RA Office staff.  Note – If additional information is required to finalize a medical determination, the medical provider may contact the applicant/RA directly and will allow a specified amount of time for response.  Medical clearances can be approved for either field or office deployments, based on the individual’s wishes and their physical/medical condition. 

A Field Clearance is for those who will be involved in work that is primarily conducted at outdoor locations (e.g. work performed by Debris Quality Assurance Inspectors, Construction Representatives, etc).   It often involves strenuous activities such as standing for long periods of time or walking over rough terrain and can include weather extremes of cold or heat and high humidity. All individuals cleared for field deployment are also cleared for office deployment

An Office Clearance is for those who will be doing work that primarily takes place in an office setting such as at a State, Division, or District Operations Center or Field Office.  A person with an office clearance is not cleared for field deployment.

Annual Medical Screening Update:  RAs are required to provide updated medical information annually.  To assure this is accomplished, all RAs will be contacted no later than 11 months after the effective month of their last medical clearance.  This will insure that the RA has sufficient time to complete the form and send it to the contract medical provider, WOHA.  If an individual’s medical clearance is not current he/she will not be eligible for deployment and any current deployment/assignment may be cancelled.  RAs who are working when their medical clearance expires must stop working until a new clearance is approved.  RA’s are emailed the results of their Annual Medical Screening Update when the results are received from WOHA.   It is the responsibility of the RA to update their medical information annually and provide the contractor with information that is requested.

RAs are also required to notify the Reemployed Annuitant PM when changes occur in their physical or medical condition.  Such changes may require additional, out-of-cycle, medical reviews before additional deployments will be approved.  Eligibility to deploy may be suspended while medical information is being evaluated.  RAs have a personal responsibility to insure that their RAO medical records are in order.  Individuals who fail to maintain a current medical clearance, through the periodic medical review process, will be removed from the program.