Contact Information


Fax to 202-315-3464 or scan and email to

*Note:  Timesheets not received on time will not be processed until the next pay period.  For questions about pay and other time and attendance matters email

Travel Orders: 

Questions – Call 202-407-0376 or 202-603-5893 or Email

Travel Vouchers:  

Questions – Call 352-685-6018 or Email                 

Completed Travel Vouchers – Fax to 202-315-3516 or Email to  

Travel Arrangements (including rental vehicles): 

Carlson/SATO (24 hours – 7 days a week) Toll Free Phone: 1-800-953-7286      Fax: 1-877-634-7705    Email: Night & Weekend Emergencies:  Fax:  1-888-757-4732 or email

*Note:  Please remind the Carlson/SATO representative to email your itinerary to your personal email address and to  

Medical Clearance or Questions: 

Call 202-407-0610 or email

RAC Employment Questions: 

Call 202-761-8548 or 202-538-1757 or email

To Update Personal Contact Information: 

Call 202-286-1535 or email

CAC Questions: 

Call 202-286-1535 or email

CitiCorp Government Travel Credit Card Questions: 

Call 1-800-200-7056

For Personal Accountability during Emergencies: 

Call 1-877-448-7223 or Email

AKO Questions:  Call the AKO Help Desk – 1-866-335-2769!