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These web pages present a history of the work of the National Committee on Levee Safety, including a record of meetings, workshops, information sessions, and testimony before Congress.

Status of Recommendations Related to State Levee Safety Programs

In a 2006 survey by the Association of State Dam Safety Officials, only 23 state agencies (out of 47 respondents) had some regulatory authority or responsibility over levees. None of the states had comprehensive levee safety programs.

Until a National Levee Safety Program is established, states will continue to lack singular guidance and leadership for developing comprehensive state levee safety programs.

Once established, the National Levee Safety Program should be given the authority and funding to develop, working closely with states, guidance for model state levee safety programs.

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Photo of rising waters in Illinois
IL, April 15, 2011 -- Flood Insurance: The Best Defense Against Rising Waters. Photo: Mike Moore/FEMA.