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These web pages present a history of the work of the National Committee on Levee Safety, including a record of meetings, workshops, information sessions, and testimony before Congress.

Status of Recommendations Related to Aligning Federal Programs

Because there are many federal agencies and programs whose policies significantly impact governmental and individual decision-making in leveed areas, the NCLS recommends that a federal Interagency Committee on Levee Safety be formed to support recommendations for aligned federal programs. The Interagency Committee on Levee Safety would encourage the establishment and maintenance of effective federal and state programs, policies and guidelines intended to enhance levee safety for the protection of human life and property through:

  • Facilitating information exchange among federal agencies and state levee agencies;
  • Analyzing possible alignment of federal programs to identify incentives and disincentives to governments and the citizenry that have delegated state levee safety programs; and
  • Coordinating activities among federal agencies concerning implementation of the Report to Congress from the National Committee on Levee Safety.

Until the National Levee Safety Program and an Interagency Committee on Levee Safety are established, federal agencies will continue to lack singular guidance and leadership for aligning policies and procedures.

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Photo of rising waters in Illinois
IL, April 15, 2011 -- Flood Insurance: The Best Defense Against Rising Waters. Photo: Mike Moore/FEMA.