FUDS Notification and Safety Education - Texas

Notification and Safety Education materials have been sent to property owners at the Formerly Used Defense Sites or FUDS listed below. Each FUDS is listed by parish. Additional information about a FUDS can be viewed by selecting the name of the FUDS. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will add new FUDS as it sends notification materials to property owners.


 Brown County
Hartley County
Howard County
Midland County
Mills County
Palo Pinto County
Parker County
Potter County

Safety is a Priority

Follow the 3Rs of Explosives Safety if you suspect you may have come across a military munition.

Click to view the Unexploded Ordnance Safety page of the DENIX Web site Recognize – when you may have come across a munition, and that munitions are dangerous;
Retreat – do not approach, touch, move, or disturb a suspect munition, but carefully leave the area; and
Report – immediately what you saw and where you saw it to local law enforcement – call 911.

Additional Information

For additional information view a fact sheet about Interim Risk Management and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Notification and Safety Education initiative or call 855-765-FUDS (3837).