System 12 Slope Flattening Project contract awarded

Memphis District Public Affairs Office
Published Sept. 30, 2020
System 12 Slope Flattening Project site.

System 12 Slope Flattening Project site.

Congratulations to the System 12 Slope Flattening Project Delivery Team for reaching its Contract Award milestone. The PDT awarded the contract to SYTE Corporation on September 22. The work consists of furnishing all plant, labor and materials for flattening the slope for a 5,700-foot section of levee by placement of compacted fill.

Flattening the levee’s slope provides greater stability. The project will modify the levee’s slope from a 1:4 vertical to horizontal slope to a 1:6 vertical to horizontal slope.  The slope flattening will help reduce erosion caused by storm water runoff thereby extending the life of the levee.

The project is in Marianna, Lee County, Arkansas near the District’s W.G. Huxtable Pumping Station. Our much-appreciated local partner on the project is the St. Francis Levee District of Arkansas.

Members of the PDT that successfully reach this important milestone are Milton Beverly and Zach Cook (project management); Ben Vogel (technical lead); Chip Newman (geotechnical); Jeremy Ruffell and Josh Giannini (civil design);  Ashley Evans (hydraulics and hydrology); Kevin Keller and Jeremy Carpenter (cost engineering); Jennifer Hiltonsmith and Pam Lieb (environmental); Brian Johnson (real estate); Ed Dean, Josh Beam, and Phil Petitt (geospatial/survey); JR Holloway (construction); Ned McNaughton (counsel); Gilbert Chonje and Steven Austin (contracting); Loy Hamilton (Administrative Contracting Officer, Wynne Area Office); and Jonathan Delp (Contracting Officer's Representative, Wynne Area Office).

Congratulations to the entire team for reaching this important project milestone.