Who We Are

VISION: To be the preeminent solution providing engineering resource for United States Army Corps of Engineers and the Army.

MISSION: The 416th Theater Engineer Command (TEC) Contingency Response Unit (CRU) provides rapid, scalable and expeditionary response to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and TEC Commanders ISO Geographic Combatant Command and Army Service Component Command Commanders.  The CRU provides Emergency Support Function #3 capabilities, engineer staff augmentation and technical engineering expertise in support of joint military and civil contingency operations.

The tenets that will allow us to see the vision:

  • Integrity - In everything we do and say.  This enables us to build the ultimate trust across the Corps of Engineers and the Army.
  • Safety Always - In the profession of arms, the loss of our greatest resource, the Soldier, through an avoidable accident is unacceptable.  Safety is our culture and we must live it.
  • Teamwork - Through communication and honest feedback (without repercussions).  Great teams have great communication skills.  Over communicate always.
  • Continuous Education and Learning - Striving to grow our knowledge base will foster the creative and critical thinking skills we’ll utilize to solve problems with innovative ideas and solutions.
  • Recruit Talent Vigilantly - We are a team of talent that needs to continuously recruit talent in order to achieve our vision.
  • Family is Forever, Take Care of Them - We will foster a family first attitude and work to achieve a Family/Army/Life balance that is a win-win-win for all involved.  

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