The Contingency Response Unit continuously has openings for reserve engineer officers, reserve engineer midgrade and senior NCOs.

Officer positions are in the grade of O-4 and O-5.

Officers in the rank of senior Captain are encouraged to apply.

NCO positions are in the grade of E-7, and E-8, MOS 21H4O and 21X50.

Officers and NCOs can inquire about the unit and position vacancies by calling (202) 761-4116/5851/5854

To apply for an open position, email information below to

  • Brief summary of goals and objectives
  • Military Biography
  • Civilian Resume
  • Officer Record Brief (ORB)
  • Official Military Photo
  • Last 3 OER's
  • Last APFT Card (DA 705)
  • Pending medical issues
  • Deployability